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6 films in UAE cinemas this week



Eddie The Eagle (PG)
Although British cinema has emerged from its 1980s slump, you sense that any heart-warming tale of a plucky underdog is still its sweet spot – think The Full Monty, Billy Elliott and Brassed Off. Eddie The Eagle, the real-life tale of a ski-jumping hopeful from small-town England, is firmly in that camp, with Taron Egerton conveying both the spirit and the absurdity of Eddie Edwards’ hunt for Olympic glory. Hugh Jackman and Christopher Walken add star appeal, while the soundtrack will keep the smiles coming.
In cinemas from March 31

10 Cloverfield Lane (18)
Although this film began life as a script called The Cellar, the rights were bought up and turned into a successor – if not exactly a sequel – to 2008’s Cloverfield. A tense sci-fi-suspense movie, it charts the attempts of Michelle (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead) to make sense of an underground dungeon in which she finds herself after being “rescued” by John Goodman’s Howard. She has been told the outside air is toxic following a mysterious attack, but is Howard a saviour or a captor?
In cinemas from March 31

Anomalisa (15)
Stand back for the strangest film you’re likely to see this year. Strange in execution, that is, not necessarily subject matter. It’s essentially a woolly Woody Allen movie, a stop-motion animation of felt figures going through the trials and tribulations of middle-aged, middle-class American life. It is co-directed by Charlie Kaufman, who also wrote the original play on which it is based. It was nominated for best animated feature at the recent Oscars.
In cinemas from March 31

Ki and Ka (PG)
A fun and surprisingly tender
movie about a young couple and the gender roles that are forced upon them by contemporary Indian society. Ki and Ka (or “his and hers” in English) stars Kareena Kapoor as the corporate go-getter and Arjun Kapoor as the stay-at-home, kitchen maestro husband.
It also has a cameo from superstar Amitabh Bachchan.
In cinemas from March 31

Batman V Superman
A big, bold and occasionally bleak superhero yarn that is big on effects if a little short on plot development.

Rocky Handsome
All-action Hindi version of the hit Korean movie The Man from Nowhere, starring John Abraham.

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