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6 films in UAE cinemas this week



Criminal (18)
An intriguing cast of Gary Oldman, Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Costner star in a sadly unintriguing plot, where a dead CIA operative’s skills and memories are implanted into the head of a violent prisoner. In the midst of all the shooting and explosions, you won’t really have time to question why such a preposterous tactic was necessary to save the world. Or even ask why Costner needed such an abominable haircut.
In cinemas from April 14

The Jungle Book
Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale has received its boldest reimagining yet with an impressive chunk of Hollywood firepower – including Christopher Walken, Bill Murray, Idris Elba and Scarlett Johansson – adding their weight. The role of Mowgli, though, falls on the young shoulders of debutant Neel Sethi, who does a stellar job as the child protagonist. He also plays the only flesh-and-blood character on screen. Retaining the original plot, Elf director Jon Favreau has ensured it is also a visual treat.
In cinemas from April 14

Fan (PG)
Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan plays both a fictional version of his movie-star self, Aryan Khanna, and Guarav, an obsessive superfan determined to meet him. Lost yet? It’s actually not as confusing as you’d think – just detach yourself from the idea that they are, in reality, the same person and you’ll be fine. Or just watch the original, slightly darker Robert De Niro version.
In cinemas from April 14

Mojave (18)
Enough to make you second-guess ever going into the desert again, Garrett Hedlund’s dangerous encounter with a sinister drifter (Oscar Isaac) in the Mojave results in a cat-and-mouse, hunter-and-the-hunted tale as Hedlund’s character is followed home. Isaac threatens him with all kinds of nasty consequences for insulting him “out there”, creating a well-executed, very well-acted noirish drama ideal for a Friday night.
In cinemas from April 14

The Boss
Melissa McCarthy delivers her latest comic turn as a white-collar criminal trying to grab a second chance.
In cinemas now

Before I Wake
A young couple adopt a child only for him to conjure up nightmares that seem to come true.
In cinemas now

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