6 films in UAE cinemas this week

Welcome to Me (18)
Kristen Wiig is on top form as a women with Nurse-Betty-like issues, whose mundane, Oprah-obsessed life is suddenly enriched with an $86 million lottery win. With the windfall, she pays a struggling shopping channel to produce a chat-show devoted entirely to, well, her. No longer on medication, she airs her problems via bake-offs and mini plays, all of which begin to attract a cult audience. It’s unsettling and awkward, yet oddly entertaining.
In cinemas from June 9

Don’t Grow Up (15)
A horror-thriller yarn in the 28 Days Later or perhaps Saoirse Ronan-vehicle How I Live Now genre, this UK-French film directed by Thierry Poiraud centres on a group of British teenagers who abscond from their carehome hoping for some al fresco freedom. As they wander around the nearby town, though, they soon realise that the adults are being turned into crazed, murderous maniacs by a strange disease. What follows is a fight for survival – interlaced with plenty of Dawson’s Creek adolescent angst.
In cinemas from June 9

Still showing…

Maggie’s Plan (15)
Having moved from indie character studies (Greenberg) to big-budget comedies (Arthur),Greta Gerwig has sidestepped megastardom and retreated back to her indie roots. In this comedy, she plays a young New Yorker who wants out from her marriage to an older man (Ethan Hawke) and hatches a “plan” to get him back with his ex-wife. As always, Gerwig is effortlessly believable as a hipster-ish metropolitan not as in control of her life as she thinks.
In cinemas from June 2

Me Before You (PG15)
Jojo Moyes’ novel Me Before You gets the big-screen treatment via first-time director Thea Sharrock. It tells the tale of a recently paralysed and embittered investment banker (Sam Claflin of The Hunger Games fame) who moves to the English countryside to live as a recluse, only to discover, via the delightful form of his caregiver (Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke), that life might be worth living after all. There’s sufficient prettiness and spark to keep it interesting.
In cinemas from June 2

Cell (15)
There can’t be many authors with such a high book-to-film strike rate as Stephen King; The ShiningShawshank RedemptionStand By Me and The Green Mile are all supreme examples of small-town America storytelling. Whether Cell will join them is perhaps a little doubtful, but the fact it combines our fears over centralised control, killer zombies (turned thus by a mobile phone pulse) and Samuel L Jackson will ensure box-office success – whatever John Cusack, the film’s leading man, has said about the project since.
In cinemas from June 2

The Nice Guys (18)
You might not necessarily cast Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling together in anything, but for some reason pairing them up in a 1970s-set black comedy about an LA private eye – with a “down on his luck” prefix, as you’d expect – and some hired muscle on the trail of a missing girl works to balance out the oddness. It’s familiar-ish territory for director and writer Shane Black, who was behind the first Lethal Weapon, and there is plenty of amusing bi-play between the enemies-turned-allies in their search of a plotline that you’ve probably long since forgotten.

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