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Watch Duncan Jones handle a rude interviewer like a boss



Spare a thought for big name actors and filmmakers.

They probably didn’t get into the industry in the hope of sitting on a sofa jabbering away to Graham Norton about nonsense – interviews are part and parcel of marketing a film, and at times are as comfortable as pulling out your canines with a set of pliers.

See Exhibit A: Duncan Jones being critiqued over the faults of his new film World of Warcraft film by a particularly irked interviewer, which he handled with aplomb:

Best viewed through the gaps in your hands, this horribly awkward chat between the BBC’s Adam Rosser and director Duncan Jones is a Formula One car crash of a film junket. A textbook example of how NOT to interview a filmmaker. Sounding more like a geeky blogger posting snarky messages on a forum as opposed to a professional journalist, Rosser seemingly spends the whole duration of the interview panning World of Warcraft, questioning the filmmaker’s methods and storytelling abilities to the point you expect him to break down weeping.

Conversely, Jones, it must be said, comes out of it all heroically, failing to rise to the bait. Answering calmly and collectedly, he even has to suffer the audacity of Rosser leaving abruptly, his quizzical glances summing up the oddness of it all. Deleted by Rosser, the video has since resurfaced and been uploaded back onto YouTube in all it’s cringe-inducing glory.

(From ShortList UK)

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