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6 TED Talks that’ll make you a happier person



At risk of coming across like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, TED Talks are brilliant. If you’ve never watched a TED Talk, it’s essentially like YouTube for nerds: an emanate figure takes to a stage for around 20 minutes to talk about a subject or idea of particular interest to them.

Here we list eight talks on the subject of happiness; videos that will raise your morale and put a bounce into your step. Get watching.

How to find work you love

Speaker: Scott Dinsmore, Writer
Topic: Dinsmore did what many dream of doing – he quit a job he hated and spent four years working out how to make a living out of something he actually cared about.

What makes a good life?

Speaker: Robert Waldinger, Psychiatrist
Topic: Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger directed a 75-year study on adult development, which is a really long study. In this talk he shares three important topics on how to build a fulfilling life.

The art of stillness

Speaker: Pico Iyer, travel writer
Topic: When was the last time you took five minutes just to clear out your head? Iyer explains that in a demanding world it’s an incredibly important routine to develop.

How to buy happiness

Speaker: Michael Norton, social science researcher
Topic: “But popular culture has always told me I can’t!” While Norton thinks you can – so long as you’re not spending the money on yourself.

Play is more than just fun

Speaker: Stuart Brown, Psychiatrist
Topic: Dr Stuart Brown plays professionally. Not an instrument, the activity of mucking about for the hell of it. He explains why it’s important in childhood, and in later life.

7 rules for making more happiness

Speaker: Stefan Sagmeister, graphic designer
Topic: Sagmeister’s accent is enough to make you happy, but it’s his talk that’ll have the bigger impact. He cuts through the myths on what you think should make you happy and sets in place some rules on what will actually improve your mood.

(Adapted from ShortList UK)

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