TRAILERS: 6 films in UAE cinemas this week

The Shallows
An hour and a half of Blake Lively avoiding an almost comically large great white shark sounds like the plot for a movie that should go straight to DVD. Somewhat surprisingly, though, it’s not terrible. In fact, it’s a pretty good deep sea thriller. Apparently the bloody nose you see in the movie is real, as Lively cracked her nose on a buoy while the cameras were rolling.
In cinemas now

Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero (15)
Iranian-American comedian Maz Jobrani, one of the Axis of Comedy regulars, stars in his big-screen debut as a traffic cop moving to America to become a private investigator. In a sort of in-on-the-joke Borat, this fish out of water stumbles through a series of farce-laden set-ups – such as accidentally burning an American flag – in an entertaining, if slightly shallow satire on the currently fragile state of East-West relations. One feels the intended audience won’t ever see it, though.
In cinemas from August 18
Skiptrace (15)
One compliment rarely proffered in the direction of Jackie Chan movies is the sheer beauty of the cinematography. In this odd-ball buddy movie, though, his all-action stunts and witty byplay are relegated behind the sheer majesty of China’s landscapes, which are shot in gorgeous light and sweeping panoramas as Chan, a Hong Kong cop, and Johnny Knoxville, a small-time hustler, attempt to hide from a notorious local gangster. Not quite Rush Hour but a visual treat all the same.
In cinemas from August 18
Secret Life of Pets (PG)
A take-to-the-bank certainty, this appealing animation from the Illumination Studio – Despicable Me, Minions – is based around a gang of animals in New York City and their Finding Nemo-style adventures. The plot isn’t particularly important (a pampered Jack Russell gets sidelined by a shaggy interloper), it’s just a vehicle for visual gags and the verbal dexterity of a voice cast that includes Louis CK and Kevin Hart.
In cinemas from August 18
Suicide Squad
The cartoonish antiheroes continue to set the zeitgeist with their madcap adventures, led by Will Smith and Margot Robbie.
Conjuring 2
Some weird goings on in an Essex House are under investigation by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.

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