Team shortlist10 Apr 2017 AT 02:33 PM

TRAILERS: 4 films in Dubai cinemas this week

Fast & Furious 8, Life and more...
Team shortlist10 Apr 2017 AT 02:33 PM

Fast & Furious (18)
They really do bash these out, don’t they? Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson et al return to the credibility-busting high-powered car love-in, this time with the added talents of Jason Statham (who had a cameo in Furios 7), Scott Eastwood and Charlize Theron. The latter is key as she plays a woman who lures Dom (Diesel) into a whole new world of crime – which inevitably sets “da family” against each other. Cartoonish fun, as always.
In cinemas from April 13

Their Finest (18)
A movie within a movie as we join the cast and crew of a film being made in war-torn London to try and boost morale on the homefront during the Blitz. Based on the 2009 novel Their Finest Hour and a Half by Lissa Evans, it stars the excellent Gemma Arterton as Catrin Cole, a script editor drafted in to offer the project a woman’s touch. As the bombs fall, she manages to create the ideal nation-stirring movie with one-time matinee idol Ambrose Hilliard, played with relish by the always engaging Bill Nighy.
In cinemas from April 13

Salt and Fire
Anything directed by Werner Herzog and starring Michael Shannon is worth an investigation, although this ecological thriller about dodgy corporate goings-on in South America misses more often than it hits – especially when it ditches the malfeasance in favour of a beat-the-clock action-adventure. Gael Garcia Bernal and Veronica Ferres are the ecologists leading the rescue.
In cinemas from April 13

Still showing...

The Alien-like space adventure with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds as astronauts battling a strange life form.


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