Team shortlist28 Jun 2017 AT 05:30 PM

4 films in UAE cinemas this week

Despicable Me 3, All Eyez on Me and more
Team shortlist28 Jun 2017 AT 05:30 PM

Spider-Man: Homecoming (18)
Unlike the endless cinematic disappointments being churned out by DC right now, Marvel continues to strike gold with big-screen adaptations of its well-thumbed comic book source material. And none seem as popular as old Spidey himself, Peter Parker. This is the third different incarnation since 2002 and new leading man, Tom Holland, adds plenty of impish charm to the role, which sees the teenage superhero confront Vulture (Michael Keaton) all while still at high-school. Does he get any extra credits for that?
In cinemas from July 6

Despicable Me 3 (PG)
If you thought Minions were ubiquitous already, you may have to get ready for a banana-coloured overload with their fourth big-screen outing. After starring in their own origin story in 2015, they return to the Despicable Me franchise, where their comic japes provide the comedic glue between the antics of Gru, the Steve Carell-voiced not-so-bad guy. In this instalment, Gru’s long-lost twin brother arrives to try and persuade him to return to a life of crime. And hilarity ensues. Great fun again.
In cinemas from June 29

All Eyez on Me (18)
Of all the stories, histories and legends surrounding the 40-year trajectory of hip-hop, the musical style born on the streets of New York City in the late-1970s, the tragically truncated career of Tupac Shakur seems to be one of the most enduring. This new biopic starring Demetrius Shipp Jr and Kat Graham follows the rapper, poet and activist from his earliest days in Harlem to his status as an international star and, following his death at the age of 25, cultural icon.
In cinemas from June 29

Transformers: The Last Knight
The robots-turned-cars are locked in a grim battle with humans in this latest outing for the rather brainless blockbuster franchise.
In cinemas now 


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