Team shortlist07 Aug 2017 AT 05:53 PM

TRAILER: Annabelle: Creation

Prepare to be very creeped out...
Team shortlist07 Aug 2017 AT 05:53 PM

Ah, dolls and childhood and innocence and all that good stuff. Is there a more productive seam in the horror genre? This is the fourth film in the successful Conjuring series and acts as a prequel to 2014’s Annabelle, and it manages to add in a whole new layer of tropes that are somehow not only welcome but entirely essential to this outing’s appeal – indeed, it could be argued that this is the best of the lot.

There isn’t so much a plot as a context here: A dollmaker and his wife, who have recently lost their only daughter, live in a remote house which they open to a nun and a number of kids from an orphanage who, then become the target of the dollmaker’s creations. Prepare to be very creeped out.

In cinemas from August 17


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