Team shortlist16 Oct 2017 AT 02:22 PM

TRAILERS: 5 films to watch in UAE cinemas this week

Geostorm, The Snowman and more!
Team shortlist16 Oct 2017 AT 02:22 PM

Geostorm (15)
Well, Al Gore it ain’t. This is climate change Hollywood style, in which our relationship with the weather
is wrapped up in a massive sci-fi disaster movie starring Gerard Butler, a load of Earth-orbiting space stations and various grim-faced generals and cocky scientists trading plot-necessary insights in dark, screen-illuminated rooms. It’s Jerry Bruckheimer. He doesn’t do nuance.
The premise here is that man has, King Canute-like, finally managed to control the weather, using technology perched in the stratosphere to offset hurricanes, promote rainfall and regulate temperatures. After 20 or so years, though, these satellites start to malfunction and isolated “pods” of extreme weather start erupting all around the world, with the threat of massive, planet-busting ones on the horizon unless something is done about it, like, now.
In cinemas from October 19

6 Below: Miracle On The Mountain
More snow, this time on the piste as Josh Hartnett’s snowboarder gets lost in a winter storm in the High Sierras – where survival is as much mental as physical.
In cinemas from October 19

The Snowman
Michael Fassbender stars as Detective Harry Hole, who is investigating the disappearance of a woman whose scarf is found wrapped around a snowman.
In cinemas now

Message From the King
A mysterious outsider named Jacob King (Chadwick Boseman) arrives in Los Angeles from South Africa to avenge the death of his younger sister.
In cinemas from October 19

A cast of Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer star in this offbeat thriller about a couple whose lives are interrupted by uninvited guests.
In cinemas from October 19



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