Farwah Khataw06 Jul 2015 AT 11:01 AM

TRAILER: Fantastic Four

The latest Marvel outing gives The Thing and company a reboot
Farwah Khataw06 Jul 2015 AT 11:01 AM

Name: Fantastic Four    

Release date: August 2015

Dramatis personae: Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell are playing, respectively, Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic), Johnny Storm (The Human Torch), Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman) and Ben Grimm (The Thing). Still with me? And Toby Kebbell will be wreaking havoc as Viktor Domashev, otherewise known as Dr Doom.

A superhero movie is being revamped, how original… Trust me, this is not just a remake of the 2005 version. What we have here is a whole new take on the gang, including some tweaks to the characters. For one, Sue and Johnny Storm (who has been recreated as African-American) are now adopted siblings. Not to mention the origin story has been completely rewritten.

Okay, so, what are we getting from Marvel and its band of misfits this time? Marvel has kept a pretty tight lid on any specifics (that much is evident in its annoyingly ambiguous trailer). What we do know is the gang are transformed into the Fantastic Four after, instead of a trip to space, a visit to… wait for it… an alternative dimension known as The Negative Zone. Viktor, a programmer with an online alias and Richard’s college rival, is also transformed into the notorious Dr Doom. *Insert epic battle here*

Sounds promising, what else are we excited for? The movie said to be leaning into the recently-familiar Christopher Nolanesque territory of the dark and gritty, so that would definitely make things interesting. And there’s already a sequel lined up for a 2017 release. Expect some cliff hangers.

In a nutshell: The Thing has no pants


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