Team shortlist28 Jul 2015 AT 10:22 AM

Small is beautiful: Ant-Man arrives

Paul Rudd chats about the latest Marvel blockbuster
Team shortlist28 Jul 2015 AT 10:22 AM

There doesn't seem to be any holding back the Marvel juggernaut right now - or the The Marvel Cinematic Universe as we should call it. Fresh on the heels of the latest Avengers romp comes Ant-Man, which in a slightly leftfield peice of casting stars Paul Rudd, most commonly known for likeable underachievers in a string of lightweight comedies. 

The film pivots on the discovery of long-buried shrinking technology developed by SHIELD scientist Hank Pym, played with suitable gusto by Michael Douglas. He tries to prevent it getting into the wrong hands, in this case the boyfriend of his estranged daughter. Enter petty criminal Scott Lang, played with just enough whimsy by Rudd, who stumbles across Pym's shrinking suit during a burglary. Pym knows a protogee when he sees one, and the plot goes from there.

Shortlist managed to grab Paul Rudd in New York for a few words ahead of the US release.

Ant-Man is a very different project for you...
That’s why I was excited to do it. My career veered to the left after Anchorman, and I love working with those guys, but I never got into [acting] to do just one thing. It’s also exciting because Ant-Man is the first of my movies my kids will see. That makes me a little nervous.

How does Ant-Man fit into the Marvel Universe? Let’s be generous… he seems a less bankable character than, say, Captain America.
Well, he’s a funny character. There’s something innately amusing about somebody that can shrink down and talk to ants. But he can definitely kick ass with the best of them, and he will play a role in this Universe, for sure. This is the first movie you see him in, and it won’t be the last. I just got back from shooting scenes for Captain America: Civil War, and that’s the first time I really felt part of it all, like: “Holy sh*t, there’s Iron Man!”

Do you think Ant-Man can compete with the likes of Iron Man at the box office?
I don’t know. We’ll see [laughs]. This movie has its own unique stamp [in the Marvel Universe], because it looks unlike anything else. Because Ant-Man is so small, you see things from a perspective you normally wouldn’t, and that technology has come a long way since Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. Stan Lee said the thing they had trouble with in the Ant-Man comics was perspective; you could never get across how small he was. But you can in a movie. And we have.

Were you into comics as a kid?
Not really. My family would send me comics from England, so I was obsessed with The Beano and The Dandy.

You’d make a decent Desperate Dan, actually...
Yeah, I’ve got the chin, the stubble. I’m even wearing a flannel shirt. What more could I be doing, honestly?

Have you been checking online to see what the notoriously hot-tempered Marvel fans think about you playing Ant-Man?
A bit. It seems mostly good. I’m glad it wasn’t all bad, anyway [laughs]. Let’s hope they feel the same once they see the movie...

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Ant-Man is released in the UAE this weekend. For full cinema listings, click here.


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