Sarah Garden20 Oct 2015 AT 12:40 PM

Final Star Wars trailer has landed

And it shows an amazing Abu Dhabi battle scene
Sarah Garden20 Oct 2015 AT 12:40 PM

The final trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has landed, and it's every bit as epic as we expected. The film picks up three decades after Return of the Jedi, with many of the central members of the original cast, however, the plot has been kept under a veil of mystery.

The trailer gives hardened fans a sneak peek at what to expect from the newest Star Wars movie, set to be released in December. The two and a half minute clip went viral on social media after being screened on Monday evening.

But aside from the standard excitement, UAE obsessives have an extra reason to see the film. Abu Dhabi’s Empty Quarter was used as a filming location, and the landscape features heavily in one of the battle scenes.

This clip comes after Star Wars shared a 360 interactive clip on their Facebook page, which allows viewers to navigate the camera as they travel through the ‘Jakku desert’. You can watch the clip (and try it out for yourself) here.

There’s not long to wait until the force is with you…


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