Sarah Garden28 Oct 2015 AT 09:38 AM

Emirates 'safety' demonstration at Benfica match

This is brilliant...
Sarah Garden28 Oct 2015 AT 09:38 AM

Emirates Airlines surprised Benfica fans over the weekend with a special ‘safety’ demonstration at the start of their match against Sporting Lisbon.

Eight members of cabin crew marched out onto the pitch, with a voiceover saying “Emirates welcomes you aboard Estadio da Luz. Your enthusiasm is very important to us.” Standing around a banner of the club crest, the ladies mimicked a flight demonstration.

Taking out Benfica scarves in unison, the voiceover instructed fans to “place the scarf over your shoulders in sign on ‘benfiquism’. In the event of a goal, scarves will automatically appear above you. Place the scarf over your head and breathe normally.”

At the end of the video the cabin crew lift the scarf into the air and cheer, and Benfica fans reciprocate with a load roar.  

Despite the match score (Benfica lost 3-0 to Sporting Lisbon) it seems to have gone down well. One Reddit user commented “Beautiful. Shame about the result.” But trust Reddit to scrutinise every detail – the feed quickly broke into a debate about whether the noise was edited. “Was the crowd actually that loud for them or was that just edited in?” asked one user. To which a fan who was actually at the match responded, “Edited. I was there and there was a mix of booing and cheering until the scarf part where it was mostly cheering.”

The Twittersphere was quick to applaud Emirates for their clever marketing move. @Technologix said “What a smart move Emirates, well done!”

What do you think of the video? We’re particularly impressed with the blonde woman’s enthusiasm… She must be a fan.


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