Hamdan Bin Mohammed Launches Dubai Future Fellowship To design Dubai’s Future

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), and the Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai launched the Dubai Future Fellowship Programme.

The program intends to involve the present and future economic leaders who could contribute to the city’s business practices, policies, and regulations.

Thus, it aims to transform Dubai into a leading platform that offers space for the growth of both local and global investors in the coming years.   

The Dubai Future Fellowship Program to design the future of Dubai to offer a better future for all

Sheikh Hamdan on announcing the launch of the program said that the program is under the supervision of the Dubai Future Foundation.

It aims to provide a platform to contribute to the prosperous growth of the city in the future. The program focuses on strengthening the leadership of Dubai in shaping the future of various sectors.  

The Dubai Future Fellowship Programme to design the future of Dubai to offer a better future for all

To make the program successful, important leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, experts, and representatives of various international institutions and organizations have been identified to take part in the program and contribute to the goal.

This initiative will mark an important point in the history of Dubai as it encourages strong partnerships to strengthen the role of Dubai as a leading business hub.

He said that the city is still making investments and initiatives to mold the future of Dubai. The economic competitiveness of Dubai will get benefited from this new initiative as it can serve as a foundation for the initiatives than can happen in the future.

Thus, it will serve as a strong platform for future opportunities to come which will help develop Dubai into the world’s best place to live in.   

He further added that Dubai has always shown eagerness to adapt to new changes be it in the field of technology, economy, education, or even in the things related to our daily life. With the help of the identified members in the program, the city will be able to develop this readiness by creating novel concepts. Thus, the identified members will serve as the trusted advisors of the program, and their fellows in marching toward a better future. 

All the efforts taken by the Dubai Future Foundation are to support the dream of the visionary, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, the Vice President, and Prime Minister of the UAE.

In order to achieve this vision, trusting those who have first-hand knowledge of Dubai and the things happening around is an important part. As a part of this attempts were made to collaborate with such personalities in planning, working, and foreseeing the future. 

Sheikh Mohammed said that together these fellows will work to analyze the future of the major sectors, discover and find new opportunities, and gain knowledge about the challenges that can arise.

They will also help to create awareness about the most important changes in the international market, new technological advancements, and emerging economic areas. 

The Dubai Future Fellowship program hopes to cover various fields like education, health, technology, environment, entrepreneurship, real estate, retail, banking, commerce, space, arts, hospitality, sports, law, tourism, media, and entertainment in addition to other things.

It will characterize to be an international network of eminent personalities and specialists with proven track records in the public, technological, economic, and future sectors. This network will play a major role in the creation and implementation of certain future-oriented strategies in the UAE and in Dubai. 

This new venture was planned to enhance the overall competitiveness of Dubai in all aspects. It was formed to support Dubai to develop its competitiveness in the global sector by providing proper suggestions on important areas whenever needed.

Moreover, it hopes to provide novel and innovative ideas to face the challenges and opportunities which will help in the further development of the sectors.   

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The organizational body of the fellows thus formed can have a discussion about the future of the major developmental areas in Dubai. They can have meetings and workshops on a regular basis with proper follow-ups to track the growth in every sector.

Annual reports on the development of the strategies and policies implemented can be produced to keep a proper trajectory of the functioning of the program. On analyzing the reports and issues discussed in the meeting new initiatives can be taken to boost the growth and can launch special programs. 

Thus, the members will continue to function as an organized body and help identify the various industries that can contribute to the future economy of Dubai.

As a result of which they will also make recommendations and suggestions to solve problems and will promote harmony among the government and private sectors at the global and local levels to accomplish the goal of Dubai’s future economy.   

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