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TRIED AND TESTED… Suroor facial at Talise Spa



What I tried: The Suroor Signature Facial, an award-winning non-surgical facelift which uses non-invasive electrical impulses and micro-current technology to tone the facial muscles, erase fine lines and re-plum the facial skin using a smooth metal tongs which are used to massage your face.

What I expected: Not much, to be honest. I am a firm believer in invasive treatments such as Botox. I couldn’t imagine how a namby-pamby little machine could possibly make any difference to my life, or my wrinkles.

What happened: As with most facials, I lay down and let the therapist get to work. But once she had cleansed my skin with a rose cleanser from Aromatherapy Associates and prepared it with a warm layer of rose gel, she got to work on my neck and face with metal tongs. The idea is to increase the power of the ingredients she administers and also stimulate circulation and lymph drainage. This is followed by an intensive treatment with the micro current that lifts and tones the muscles in the face, as well as allowing the skin booster – I went for Vitamin C but you can have Magnesium – to penetrate the skin. She massaged the pressure points on my head, neck and shoulders while the active ingredients did their work.

The verdict: Everyone should have a facial at least once a month, and this is a fabulous way to get both real results and the essential maintenance a normal facial gives you. My face certainly looked plumped up and fresher after the treatment, and I felt that the ingredients had achieved a lot more than they would have done if they had just been applied manually. I would imagine the results get better the more you sessions you have and would highly recommend it for those not willing to go down the more invasive route. It really is a great non-invasive alternative. I might even keep trying it myself…

The Suroor Signature Facial is at the Talise Spa, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi and costs AED900 for 90 minutes. or +971 2 811 5555. 

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