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Exquisite Burj Al Arab experience at Talise Spa



The Talise Spa at Burj Al Arab is exclusive, to say the least. Having booked an appointment, your credentials will be checked not once (before getting over the bridge to the offshore hotel), not twice (at the downstairs reception, complete with private lift to spa level) but three times (upon arriving at Talise’s 18th-floor reception). You might think this lengthy process a trivial one, until, that is, you realise the throngs of visitors who flock to this, one of the world’s most popular hotels, have ceased to exist.

Once past your second checkpoint there’s not a gawking vacationer to be found, and what was once a momentary bother has in fact allowed you to enjoy the Burj Al Arab in glorious solitude. A welcome retreat from the busy world, even before you walk in the spa.

Perched high above the Arabian Gulf (a fact you’ll appreciate ascending the 150-metres in the spa’s private lift), Talise Spa is housed over two levels. Men and women receive separate spa areas, with an indoor infinity pool and Jacuzzi, both with a generous view of the Gulf below. A particular treat is the sauna and steam room, framed with panoramic views overlooking the World Islands and Downtown Dubai, which can only be enjoyed thanks to rare fog-proof glass. The second level includes a squash court, a fitness centre with aerobic facilities and resistance training.

Talise Spa’s signature treatment is the ‘Burj Al Arab Arabic Journey’, 85-minutes deep relaxation. The room is sprayed with amber, before your body is polished with aromatic verbena-scented sand. While not for the faint of heart (first-timers unused to the exfoliating process are suggested to ask for a gentle grain, lest they feel like their skin is being sanded off), the treatment prepares your skin for the next stage, another nourishing massage using traditional Patchouli oil infused with Argan leaf. The second treatment is deeply relaxing, however it’s the scented-sand scrub that will leave your skin looking healthy days after you leave.

Elsewhere, there is a variety of facials to choose from (the caviar facial is particularly interesting), along with several Asian-inspired massages and treatments to target problem areas, like the back, head, neck and shoulders. But if you really want to push the boat out, there’s always the ‘Romantic Moonlight Swim’. It’s a couples-only treatment that includes a relaxing massage followed by a secluded swim in the private infinity pool, before enjoying champagne and roses in your very own monogrammed Burj Al Arab bath robes. An experience that certainly won’t be a hard sell to a certain someone in your life.

We tried: Burj Al Arab Arabic Journey, 85 minutes

We like: The scented-sand scrub that will leave your skin looking healthy for days

We’d come back for: The sweeping view of the Gulf.

Where: Talise Spa, Burj Al Arab

Contact: +971 4 301 7365 or

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