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24 hours of holiday fragrances for men



They’re always there, beckoning you. The duty-free section at every major airport is essentially one huge billboard that says “you could smell a bit better, mate”. And, with bags checked in, boarding card in hand and a head full of the adventures ahead, you stride up to the counter and reach for every tester going.

This summer, you can really up your game with these exotic new fragrances, designed to accompany your travels wherever they take you.

L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Oceanic Expedition
Perfect for: Late beachside breakfast
Powered up with an energising freshness, the clear crispness of Issey Miyake will compliment the sea breeze and your white linen shirt… which should be the first thing you pack, by the way. Part of a new trio of limited edition flankers for men, the L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Oceanic Expedition is undeniably distinct with grapefruit, bergamot, neroli, ginger and white musk. Subtle enough not to aggravate you first thing in the morning yet cool enough to get you noticed.
Price: AED400 for 125ml

Eros by Versace
Perfect for: 
Afternoon cocktails
Eros by Versace is the perfect mid-afternoon warm up. Freshly aquatic, it plays it cool with crisp notes of lemon, mint and apple with shots of vanilla, cedarwood, and tonka bean. Perfect for a target rich environment where your poise and swagger will differentiate you from the hoi polloi. Stroll around the terrace just as the sun begins to set with just the right amount of confidence.
Price: AED399 for 100ml

Tom Ford Noir Extreme
Perfect for: 
Late night antics
Tom Ford’s Noir Extreme will bring out your more mischievous side with this concentrated Oriental fragrance; an intense and provocative blend of spicy woods, warm amber, neroli, nutmeg and vanilla. Guaranteed to impress and last until the early hours.
Price: AED644 for 100ml

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