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Getting cool is top of most people’s hit list during summer… but there’s cool, then there’s cryo cool. Cryotherapy involves freezing the skin to between -120 and -180 Celsius. We know, standing in a sub-zero chamber of ice for three minutes doesn’t exactly sound like a spa treatment, but there’s method in the madness.

It’s great for muscle recovery, weight loss, circulation, and even blasting cellulite. We opted for the whole-body cryotherapy session, along with the beauty angel facial. Two treatments which are touted as Cyro Health’s best-sellers.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy
We changed into paper shorts, and covered our hands and feet with mittens to block some of the cold. Entering the chamber wasn’t the instant shock we were expecting, although it was seriously icy. The minutes ticked by quickly and although the surface of our skin was frozen, it was bearable.

After exciting the chamber we were given the option to use the exercise bike to warm up, or just let our body to it naturally. We opted for the natural approach, and found that we returned to normal body temperature extremely quickly. Our heart was racing quite fast, and the unexpected side effect was a huge burst of energy – we felt great!

Beauty Angel Professional
Using various technologies, including a red light and a small cryo machine, this facial promises results. Many say that it’s a fantastic alternative to botox, and though we were sceptical, the fact it actually increases blood flow and collagen means that there is scientific grounding.

We’ll be honest – it’s not relaxing. However, it’s not unpleasant in at all. The therapist stripped off any toxins from our face with organic cleansers and masks, before leaving us under the red light. We finished with a tool that blows cold air onto the skin, chilling it to around -170 Celsius. At the end of the treatment, a few of our spots were much smaller, as the cold air had dried them out. Fine lines around our eyes were also reduced, and the surface of our skin was silky smooth.

We tried: The whole-body cryotherapy and the beauty angel facial.
We’d come back for: Both treatments. We felt nothing short of fantastic when we walked out of the clinic.

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