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TRIED AND TESTED: Elemis mens facial



What I tried? Men’s Elemis Skin IQ+ Facial For Him at SensAsia, Emirates Golf Club

What I expected? Facials are all pretty much the same aren’t they? Though like most men, I’ve only had three in my life, they all seem to consist of stuff being smeared on your face and then taken off. Every so often your blackheads are squeezed in a painful manner, then two slices of cucumber are put over your eyes and the rest is a blank.

What happened? First I was given okra tea. Okra is better known as ‘ladies fingers’, a green vegetable often used in curries, but this tea was red and made from the flowers and apparently stuffed full of antioxidants. Then I was laid out on a bed, covered in Moringa oil, which is said to be 7,000 per cent more antioxidant than Primrose oil (it was an antioxidant kind of day.) Then a bright light was shone on my face to see where most of the damage lay.

After that it was scrub and exfoliate, a face steam to soften the skin and make it easier to extract the blackheads. This duly happened, and wasn’t much fun. An application of skin serum followed to reduce dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. Then the first peel was applied. While it set there was a head massage, then the mask was removed. A second mask was applied, during which my feet were massaged. The second mask was removed, then there was more serum and moisturizer, and I was finally released.

The verdict: Absolutely marvellous I must say. The 90 minutes whizzed by, even if I sneaked in a little kip at one point. I’ve no idea why I had two masks, it made me feel a bit like Zorro. However, as far as I’m concerned it was an experience well worth repeating, the Elemis Skin IQ is clearly a no-brainer.

Where: SensAsia Spa, Emirates Golf Club, Dubai
Cost: AED655 for 90 minutes.
Contact: or +971 4 417 9820

SensAsia Urban Spa

Jumeirah 1

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