16 Jan 2019 AT 12:19 PM

Dubai protein snack taste test

Top chef Scott Hallsworth tries five new pre-gym treats
16 Jan 2019 AT 12:19 PM
Dubai protein snack taste test

Pulsin maple & peanut protein booster
12.8g protein, 8.7g sugar, AED12
“If I had to sum it up, I’d say it tastes healthy. There’s nothing obnoxious about it. You wouldn’t struggle to chew this down on
your way between work and the gym.”

Pod peanut butter protein pods
9.1g protein, 7.6g sugar, AED15
“It looks like pet food. The peanut butter makes it promising though, and I could live with the taste, but texture-wise it’s a bit too chewy.”

The Protein Ball Co coconut + macadamia balls
10g protein, 19.8g sugar, AED10
“I’m finding it hard to get the coconut flavour, let alone the macadamia. The main flavour is ‘sweet’. It’s OK, though.
If I knew it was doing me good, I’d eat it.”

Bounce V Life almond kale protein energy ball
9g protein, 9.6g sugar, AED10
“How very trendy. In this form, I wonder what health benefits kale has – it’s not like eating raw leafy greens, is it? It looks pleasing, though, and I like the texture.”

Fulfil white chocolate & cookie dough protein bar
21.2g protein, 2.75g sugar, AED12
“This is more like a traditional candy bar. It’s got the chewiness and crunch you’d get in something like a Lion bar. If it’s healthy, they’ve done a good job of disguising it.”