21 May 2019 AT 02:08 PM

Is it time to grow a beard?

According to these studies, growing facial hair could be healthier for you...
21 May 2019 AT 02:08 PM
Is it time to grow a beard?

There’s no denying it – beards have shaken off their bad reputation and made the ultimate comeback in recent years.

Fully fledged beards have taken over from the clean-cut boyband chins and over-precise grooming habits of the nineties and noughties (Nick Carter’s baby face and Craig David’s goatee, we’re looking at you), and the rugged, fully haired chin has come back stronger and thicker than we had ever imagined.

But make no mistake – that doesn’t mean it should be unruly (see below). So if you haven’t braved the grizzly bear look yet – is it about time? Well, firstly science has concluded that fluff-covered chins make men look a lot more stylish, as the Journal of Evolutionary Biology published. And according to another study conducted by the University of Queensland, throwing the trimmer to one side could actually be healthier for you.

Lead author Professor Parisi said: “While beards will never be as safe as sunscreen, they certainly are a factor in blocking UV rays.” Which means fewer wrinkles as well as more natural protection from harmful rays. Not to mention those who suffer from sensitive skin will no doubt benefit from not having to hack away at facial hair, too. Whether you’ve converted to beard life yet or not, here’s what you need in your kit...

Grow it
Get your vits

Just like everything else, a thick glossy beard starts from within. While getting an overal mix of vitamins will help, B vitamin Biotin is particularly well versed in prompting hair growth. Get your fix with eggs and bananas.

Get the blood flowing
This will stimulate the hair follicle and shake it out of its slumber. While there are oils and serum that claim to do this, you can also massage your face each evening.

Groom it
Beard Oil

Tame unruly and rough bristleswith a moisturising beard oil
AED68.25, Hawkins & Brimble

Beard Shampoo
Free your face of flakes and grease with an all-encompassing shampoo
AED33, L’Oréal

2in1 Conditioner
Invest in a multi-tasker that soothes skin and conditions your beard
AED188, Clinique

Why are beards back  in fashion?
Patrick Bos, Global Sales Director at at Hawkins & Brimble, on the trend

“Like all fashion, trends tend to come and go in cycles. In Tudor times, the mid 1800s and 1970s, beards were big, and now they are back again. In the '90s we saw goatees galore! There are lots of reasons why a beard is particularly popular in today’s busy times… they are a convenient solution to men’s facial grooming rituals and they can also be better for your skin. We also see lots of beards on celebrities and on social media, so it’s not surprising they are back. For some they represent masculinity and a way to express one’s self.  And us at Hawkins and Brimble, we love a beard… so we welcome them back and hope they are here to stay for a while!”