17 Mar 2019 AT 04:21 PM

Reviewed: Pro facial at Nova Clinic

Yes, blokes can get facials too – check this one out
17 Mar 2019 AT 04:21 PM
Reviewed: Pro facial at Nova Clinic

Walking into the clinic, we’re feeling rather nervous as this is our first facial, aside from the weekly face mask done from the privacy of our own home, of course. Today we’ll experience the new Pro Facial at Nova Clinic, a hydrating and exfoliating treatment designed to leave skin plumper and fresh.

Lying down in the brightly lit room we start to relax as our specialist Jessica starts deep cleansing our face removing dead cells and uncovering healthy skin, gently removing excess dirt and preparing for exfoliation. Steam softly heats our face enabling the pores to open up ready for a vacuum suction technique to remove blackheads and blemishes. This sounds painful but t’s actually rather relaxing, feeling more like a cold roller massaging into the skin. The specialist checks all areas are clean, tackling herself if not. Some of this can be uncomfortable, but no pain no gain for our potentially flawless skin.

Product is then massaged into the face helping to reduce wrinkles and smooth lines. Expect areas of your face to be a little red straight after this treatment – but don’t panic, this won’t show the next day and you will see immediate results.

Our skin feels fresh and deep cleaned, plus within the next two days we can see clearer, softer and hydrated skin. We are glowing, thanks very much Pro Facial.
Where: Nova Clinic, Al Wasl Road, Al Manara, Jumeirah
Contact: +971 4 384 5666

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