09 May 2019 AT 08:07 AM

Take care of your beard with The Beard Gear Company

The UAE-based men’s grooming brand wants you to be “ruthless” with your facial hair
09 May 2019 AT 08:07 AM
Take care of your beard with The Beard Gear Company

With all the little things to keep on top of on a daily basis – from what to wear to styling your hair – it’s easy for gents to forget about that fuzz on their face. Not to worry, as this UAE-based company has some tips to keep it styled.

The Beard Gear Company, specialising in beard care and maintenance throughout the UAE, has released a four-step guide to keeping your beard styled and trimmed. Oh, and it wants you to be “ruthless”.

The company’s “Beard Care 101” first states that every man’s beard is different, but these rules will still help keep that beard in tip-top shape, no matter the way it grows.

First off, you got to keep it moisturised daily, and you can do that with a good beard oil. Although, not the ones that make your facial hair looking shiny or oily, but just looking fresh.

Secondly, who said wax was only for you hair? The Beard Gear Company also recommend beard balm, especially to those with a lengthy beard, to keep it shapely.

The next step is all about being thorough, and you’ll need a comb or brush to do that. To make the most out of the oil and balm, the beard needs to be brushed through, right to the skin underneath the hair.

Beard aficionados can head over to the online store www.thebeardgearcompany.com to get their hands on a selection of aromatic beard oils, soothing balms, assorted kits, as well as beard grooming tools

Finally, be absolutely ruthless. We all know that one hair that just won’t stay in place, and you’ll need an ideal pair of scissors to snip those strays away.

Founded in 2017 by Thierry Bosnoyan, Tanios El Mallah and Antoun Sader, the company offers a range of different products, made with 100 percent natural organic ingredients.

“Over a discussion on trying to grow a proper beard, and the difficulties of maintaining & grooming it correctly, especially with a lack of suitable products, unavailable in the region, we then realized there was a gap in the market when it came to beard care in particular, and decided to launch our own grooming brand,” said Marketing Manager Thierry Bosnoyan.

“The brand’s products are partly inspired by my mother, who is a pharmacist specialized in botanical extracts, who always prepared her own natural mixtures for personal skincare & haircare”

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Website: www.thebeardgearcompany.com