Team shortlist10 Jun 2015 AT 03:00 PM

6 tips for coloured hair

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Team shortlist10 Jun 2015 AT 03:00 PM
6 tips for coloured hair

We all know that it’s harsh for our hair, but once you’ve got the colour bug it’s a hard one to shake off. Whether you’re a devoted follower of fashion trying out catwalk colours, changing your hair colour as often as you change your clothes, or simply trying to keep the tell-tale signs of age, there is no escaping the fact that colour damages your hair.

But it’s not just the colouring itself that causes damage. Once hair has been dyed your new favourite shade, there are other environmental factors. Sun, sea and air conditioning all damage hair, making it dry, frizzy, and prone to breakage.

ShortList spoke to Dubai’s resident haircare expert and colourist Maria Dowling, who is on every Dubai IT girl’s speed dial.

UVA and UVB rays act like bleach to remove melanin… Where possible stay out of the sun or wear a hat or a scarf to protect against harmful rays.

Always use a heat protector… Hair straighteners cause considerable damage. Minimise the use of styling tools when you don’t need to use them. Heat will dry the hair and fade the colour quicker.

When shopping for shampoo, look at the label… Go for sulphate-free products as they will help colour to last longer. Try Color Wow Colour Security Shampoo and Conditioners (AED140).

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Treat your hair like you do your body… Detox it every two weeks to keep your hair and scalp cleansed and non-irritated, using Maria Dowling Hair & Scalp Detox (AED145).

Avoid over-colouring… All hair grows at different rates. But I generally see my clients every 4-6 weeks for root retouch if they have grey hairs, 6-8 weeks for highlights or 8-12 weeks for ombre.

Camouflage your roots between appointments… The last couple of weeks before you re-do your colour, many of us have those annoying strands of grey hair. Colour Wow Root Cover Up (AED210) is a brilliant new colour concealer.

Colour Wow available at multiple salons including Sisters Beauty Lounge and  Marquee Salon. It’s also set to launch in House of Fraser.