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TRIED AND TESTED: Shrinking bodywrap



What I tried: The Violet shrinking body Wrap at Sisters Salon, a widely acclaimed body wrap said to reduce fat as well as improve the look of cellulite and stretch marks. It involves applying an oil-based solution to exfoliated skin, then being wrapped tightly in a heat-inducing cling film-type material for an hour.

What I expected:  After months of brunches and happy hours, I feel bloated and can’t quite fit into my jeans. A slimming wrap – though a quick fix – might be just the tonic needed to kick-start my body into beating the bloat.

What happened: I’ve read much about these so-called “miracle” slimming wraps so I approach this treatment with slight scepticism. Can wrapping me like a turkey in cling film for an hour really make a difference to my appearance?

Upon my arrival I am introduced to Samia, my therapist for the treatment. After offering me a cool drink she ushers me into a quiet and plush treatment room. Before the treatment can begin Samia measures 13 different points on my body and makes a note for comparison later on. She lightly brushes my body all over to remove any dead skin before massaging the “wonder” oil into my skin. The delicious mix of essential oils used in the solution includes juniper, lavender and soya bean. They are said to aid phosphatidylcholine – a chemical substance that triggers lipolysis, the process of breaking down certain fats from cells so they can be processed by the liver and eliminated from your body.

Once the oil is evenly distributed she sets to work wrapping me up. The film is pulled tight but not uncomfortably so. The film is said to create a barrier around the treatment area as well as creating extra body heat that helps open up your pores so that the oil is fully absorbed. Samia then helps me onto the treatment bed where I was swaddled like a baby in warm soft towels. Now, this is where the relaxation part comes in. With the lights turned down low, Samia massages my head and neck as I drift off into a light sleep. After 60 minutes of blissful shut-eye, it’s time to be unwrapped and reveal the inch loss results by measuring the same 13 points on my body.

The verdict: A visible difference. My clothes sit much more comfortably as astonishingly I have lost just over 3cm off my hips, 1.5cm of each thigh as well as 1cm off each knee. The rest of my body saw smaller reductions but over all, in the space of one hour I manage to shed 12cm in total from my body. Hardly making me a supermodel but it’s a nice start. This is not a serious weight loss solution but I’ve definitely got more spring in my step and the confidence to crack on with a proper diet and exercise programme. The treatment itself is also enjoyable and with bikini season in full swing, a productive way to spend an hour.

Price: AED650 for 90 minutes
Where: Sisters Beauty Lounge, Al Bateen
Contact: +971 2 222 2501,

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