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Man’s perfect travel toiletry kit



It’s one of the truisms of travel. No matter how well you pack, there’s never enough room for your toiletry bag. Your neatly folded shirts, your well-placed shoes and your freshly pressed t-shirts suddenly have to make room for the lumpen rugby ball you left out until you brushed your teeth ten minutes before your taxi arrives.

There is always a better way. From showering to skincare, here’s six grooming travel essentials that are stylish, effective and come in beautifully small packages.

Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream Travel Tube
This excellent, lightly-scented shaving cream can be applied with or without a brush, making it ideal for the travel kit but also providing the best possible shave while on the road. An essential.
Price: AED95 from 1847 Salon, Dubai Mall

L’Occitan After Shave Balm
The best after-shave balm we’ve tried? Just maybe. Made with Shea butter with soothing bisabolol and birch sap extract, and with the familiar L’Occitan perfume, this is 30ml of post-shave perfection. It will leave your skin soft, supple and smooth, and will hardly register on the luggage scales.
Price: AED65 for 30ml from L’Occitan in Dubai Marina Mall

Nuxe deoderant
In our view, there’s no point over-complicating deoderant. What you need for travel is a roll-on in a plastic case and this from Nuxe delivers with a scent more sophisticated than the usual supermarket big brands. Recommended.
Price: AED55 for 50ml from Bloomingdale’s

Le Labo Bergamote Oil
Before colognes came in fancy spray bottles and were sold by whichever flash-in-the-pan celebrity was willing to take his shirt off for the marketing campaign, the key to smelling sweet was oils. This by Le Labo, is a subtle mixture of amber, bitter grapefruit and a hint of vetiver. It’s alcohol-free (which means less irritation) and at 30ml is airport friendly. Warning: use sparingly.
Price: AED430 from Mr Porter

Mr Natty Hair Preparation
World-class product design aside, Mr Natty’s Hair Preparation is for guys who like a long-lasting matt finish to their hair. With a heavy texture – so you don’t need very much of it – the lightly-scented clay banishes bed head, and makes your hair pliable once more.
Price: AED95 from Mr Natty

And, once you’ve sourced all that, you can put it in here:

Dunhill Chassis Leather Wash Bag
Airport security may favour the see-through plastic bag approach to travel grooming, but if you have an ounce you’ll have sartorial nous you’ll have tucked your travel essentials away in a stylish wash bag.  This one courtesy of Dunhill is stylish, yes, but more importantly practical; the hardwearing leather is hard-wearing and water-resistant.
Price: AED760 from Alfred Dunhill, Dubai Mall

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