4 beauty hacks in your kitchen

Let’s be honest, beauty may come from within but it’s strictly maintained with a costly routine of lotions, scrubs, rubs and anything from a tub. Save yourself a few extra dirhams and switch your usual stock of store bought potions to at-home cures created straight from your cupboards. Whipped up in three minutes or less these easy to conquer recipes will give you chemical-free, red carpet results on a barely there budget.

On The Lighter Side

The Remedy For: Discolouration, shaving shadows and dark spots on the skin

The Recipe:
2 teaspoons Baking Soda
½ lime juice
1 tablespoon Greek Yoghurt

The Results:
Used to brighten teeth and remove stains, baking soda is an all-natural illuminator. Paste this cooling, soothing and moisturising mixture on your elbows, knees and under arms to remove any dark shadows and soften tough skin for a minimum of 10 minutes a night and wash off in the shower. Avoid aerosol deodorants as much as possible (they dry out the skin) and try to maintain the routine every other night for at least two weeks to see maximum improvement.

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