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Smooth Sailing: 5 shaving myths debunked



Isn’t it marvellous being a girl? While men get told they look handsome and rugged with a little stubble, we women are forced to keep every bit of our bodies toned, tanned and totally hairless. Between trips to the salon for a regular wax we have to rely on our ability to navigate knees, ankles and everything else with an unforgiving razor. Save yourself a few nicks and cuts along the way with these proven hair-removing hacks.

The Myth: You need to buy a smaller razor to shave sensitive areas
False: While a smaller handle and blade does look like it would tackle sensitive areas more easily, it doesn’t actually offer a closer or better shave and ends up taking you more time. If you’re worried about nicks and cuts with a bigger blade, rub a petroleum jelly lip balm over the area you’re about to shave to give the skin a thicker, more protective layer.
Product: Gilette Venus Spa Breeze Razor AED52, Carrefour

The Myth: You should only shave in the shower
True: Not only does the water provide an extra lubricant for the razor, the heat also opens the pores around the hair follicle allowing you to get a closer, smoother shave whilst removing the risk of damaging the skin. To prepare your skin for shaving, it’s important to first exfoliate with a gentle body scrub, this eliminates dry skin and dead cells leaving you with buttery soft limbs.
Product: Shiseido Refining Body Exfoliator AED125, Paris Gallery

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The Myth: You should moisturise your skin after shaving
False: Slathering on a heavy layer of perfumed moisturiser is actually one of the worst things you can do to freshly shaved pins and underarms. The chemicals in some moisturisers can actually irritate your open pores and cause unsightly bumps and ingrown hairs to form. The best way to keep these at bay is by splashing a little cold water over your newly smoothed skin and applying a little coconut oil on top to heal and hydrate in equal measures.
Product: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil AED49, The Change Initiative

The Myth: You can substitute shaving foam with conditioner
True: Not only does conditioner make a great skin-smoother, in many respects it’s actually better for your skin than shaving foam. Packed with nutrients and softeners, conditioner also sits on the surface of the epidermis for longer rather than dissolving like a foam would, meaning you can shave slower and concentrate on navigating harder areas with more precision.
Product: L’Oreal Elvive Smooth Intense Conditioner AED30, Boots

The Myth: The more you shave, the thicker you hair grows back
False: This is a very common old wives tale. Re-shaving the same area over and over again doesn’t make the hair grow back any thicker or quicker – if this was the case we would have found a cure for baldness by now! Recently shaved hair can appear coarser as it hasn’t been worn down by clothing friction from everyday movements but it will be as easy to remove as virgin hair. If you want to keep the hair softer in-between shaves, apply a light layer of coco butter on the area before you go to bed and let it soak into the follicle overnight.
Product: The Body Shop Cocoa Butter AED122, Mall of The Emirates

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