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REVIEW: Russian Lashes at Sister’s Beauty Lounge



You may wonder what’s Russian about Russian lashes – “have they been plucked from the face of a real woman?” I wondered. Let’s just clear up that these are not human eyelashes (though they do feel real) and they get their name from the nationality of the woman who developed them.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had eyelash extensions. Lying back in a chair with my neck at an awkward angle, eyes closed as the noise of a busy salon buzzes around… It’s less than ideal. However, the relatively new branch of Sister’s in The Dubai Mall is completely different.

I arrived to find that I’d be tucked up in a sort of bed for the treatment. It’s a massage table covered with a thick duvet, in a semi-private area. Going to sleep here is not just acceptable, it’s encouraged. My therapist went over the different styles she can create. A fan effect to give a cat eye look, long lashes to add drama, or alternating between short and long which gives you the lashes “like Kim Kardashian”. I hate to admit it, but as soon as I heard there was a trick that could give me Kim K eyes I was sold.

The lashes are extremely soft to touch, and although 100 percent synthetic, they are extremely fine. This means that my therapist was able place three false lashes on each natural lash, as they don’t weigh your eyelids down.

Because I chose to alternate between the two longest lash lengths, my result was dramatic. In comparison to other extensions I have tried in the past, these were lighter and not in the slightest bit itchy or annoying. Aside from the treat of waking up looking “done” every morning, I was most impressed with how long they lasted. I chose not to get a top-up, yet five weeks later I was still getting complements. In fact, I’d say that they were at their best two weeks after the treatment, as they looked more natural.

Best bit…
The setting – lying in that comfy “bed” is more like getting a spa treatment than a beauty treatment.

Worst bit…
It’s addictive, and now my normal lashes will never seem good enough.

Sister’s Beauty Lounge, The Dubai Mall, +97143398500,

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