Indian Man Hits The Dh20 Million In Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket Draw

Abu Dhabi has recently organized the Big Ticket draw series. This is one of the most popular reality shows in the UAE. it enjoys a huge viewership in Middle Easter Countries.

This show allows people from different parts of the world to participate in the Big-Ticket draw. Every successful winner gets a chance to become a millionaire in this show.

Over time, many people from different countries are declared as the winners, and their accounts are credited with millions. However, this time, an Indian national has hot luck.

Arun Kumar Vatakke Koroth from India has won a grand prize of Dh 20 million in the Big-Ticket draw series number 250 and ticket number 261031. This has been for the first time that a person from India has won such a huge amount on an Abu-Dhabi-based show.

The news has been very exciting for Arun as he is hardly able to believe his fortune. Arun Kumar has already sent his confirmation to claim the amount.

The prize money would be transferred to the winner in a span of 15 days. The second prize has also been claimed by an Indian national living in Bahrain.

The Big-Ticket Draw is a strategic show that aims to change the lives of the people for the better

The drawing proceedings of the show were streamed live on April 03, 2023. Richard, who happens to be the host of the show called Arun to inform him about his big win.

According to a recent interview, Arun revealed that he was completely shocked and couldn’t digest the fact that he has won Dh 20 million by simply sitting at home. After confirming the veracity and the authenticity of the statement, Arun expressed his gratitude towards the organizers of the show.

The Big-Ticket Draw is a strategic show that aims to change the lives of the people for the better

This has been a dream come true for Arun and he did not even expect this to happen in his wildest dreams. Arun also revealed that he had purchased the ticket in oblivion and he was not conversant with this prize money at all. 

Arun lives in the Indian city of Bengaluru and works with a multinational company in the capacity of a software engineer. During the interview, he confirmed his desire to start his own business. Due to the paucity of funds, it was never feasible for him to decide the future course of action and begin his start-up. He went ahead to state that now it would be feasible for him to fulfill his dream.

He will invest this money to start his own business. On being asked if he would be migrating to Dubai for commencing his business, he answered negatively and expressed his desire to contribute towards the development of his home country, India. However, he has not disclosed further details in this regard.

The Big Ticket draw series have announced the other winners as well. In addition to the first prize, the show has distributed ten other prizes as well. The second prize worth Dh 100,000 has been won by another Indian national who lives in Bahrain. His name is Suresh Mathan.

He won this prize against his ticket number 018462. He had purchased his ticket on March 27 and within a week, he was able to win the wholesome prize money so far.

The third prize has been claimed by another Indian national who lives in Oman. Muhammed Shefeek is likely to be bestowed with an amount of Dh 90,000. He purchased his ticket on March 28. His ticket number 333142 was drawn and he became the lucky winner of the show.

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Apart from these prizes, the show has also distributed prizes worth Dh 80,000, Dh 70,000, Dh 60,000, Dh 50,000, Dh 40,000, Dh 30,000, and Dh 20,000. The winners belong to the countries of the UAE, Israel, Russia, and Australia.

According to past trends, India has been the country from where the maximum number of participants enrolled in this show. However, this year, the participation almost doubled.

The show has been licensed and is run according to the laws of the country. It has no element of the wager. The winners are given the due credit within the time.

This show has been able to change the lives of all the people who have won prizes in it. The huge amount of money proves to be a game-changer in the lives of ordinary men and they get the encouragement to pursue their dreams and fulfill them.

All the previous winners of the show are now living lavish and successful life in all these years. Therefore, this show helps to fulfill a noble cause. It is expected that such shows would be launched in other countries as well.

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