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An Ultimate Guide To CBI Mabrook Savings Account – Win Upton 1 Million AED



An Ultimate Guide To Mabrook Savings Account!

Undoubtedly, the user can achieve AED 100 000 along with the grand prize of 1 million AED every year. It is easy to become the winning saver with the help of the Mabrook savings account.

Mabrook Savings Account- What Is It? Features, Benefits, And More!

The big five prizes get a yearly win, consisting of the grand prize of 1 Million AED. It is a great way to save these prizes for your future,  with the chance to get more wins.

Well said; the more you save into the Mabrook savings account, the more you make your chance to win. With the quarterly four prizes of AED 100,000 and the millionaire draw at the end term of the year, it is time to become the Mabrook winners as the prize savers.

An Ultimate Guide To Mabrook Savings Account!

Highlights On CBI

Since the time of the UAE corporation in 1991, the CBI has constantly focused on providing easy-to-understand and simple products. It is motivated by the building vision of long-term relationships.

The banks provide comprehensive information on standard banking products and customized financial products for SMEs and corporate as part of retail banking.

What Is The Mabrook Savings Account From CBI?

Mabrook savings is one of the best savings schemes. In this scheme, the millionaire is selected as the holder of the Mabrook savings account annually in CBI ( Commercial Bank International). The minimum savings for a Mabrook savings account is DH10,000 every month before the draw, which can give you the guarantee to make the one draw entry.

 The CBI customers can win 100,000 AED every month, 500,000 AED bi-annually, and 1 million AED yearly in the super draw of your Mabrook savings account.

In the Mabrook savings account scheme, there are a total of four draws of DH100K that occur every year. Every extra DH500, after getting the DH10, 000, allows you an additional entry in the draw.

It is determined that DH1M is saved annually in your Mabrook savings account, and Dh100,000 are saved in your Mabrook savings account every quarter. The existing customers who have already registered their accounts with the minimum deposits of 1000AED are enrolled automatically in semi-annually, monthly, and yearly draws. The chance of winning customers improves with every additional deposit of 500AED or higher.

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What Document Is Needed To Submit For The Mabrook Savings Account

Here are some important documents that you should submit to make your Mabrook savings account

  • You should have your original passport if you are going to apply
  • Emirates valid ID
  •   Valid expatriates VISA
  •  Address verification through the employer letter, utility bills, tenancy contract, etc
  •  Regarding the minor account, your passport and birth certificate also come.

Features Of The Mabrook Savings Account

Here are the features of the Mabrook savings account that make it easy for users.

1.      Free life insurance

2.      Free international debit card

3.      Every year, the main five prizes have been awarded

4.      A cash prize of 100,000 AED has been drawn

5.      Interest is paid at 0.1 percent of the annum if it is paid semi-annually

6.      1 million AED has come in the top prizes that are awarded to Mabrook savings account holders every year

7.      Joint accounts and children account holders can open the account easily.

8.      The 100,000 AED kept in your account for the month to every draw is considered the minimum average qualifying balance.

Mabrook Savings 1 Million Dirhams Mega Draw – How To Know If You Get The Win?

If you want to know whether you are winning in the Mabrook savings account, you have to follow the steps below.

  • The branch where the account of winners is held will send your notifications that you get the win.
  • The winner should go to breach and give the bank account information and ID, to claim the prize money.
  •  Once this process has been validated, the winner amount or rewards money is sent automatically to the Mabrook savings account.
  •  Winners can also make contact by phone, so they can easily check their contact information, whether the information is up to date or not.
  •  According to the regulatory restrictions, the winner must claim the rewards within 60 days.

Who Is Eligible For A Mabrook Savings Account?

If you want to participate in the Mabrook savings account, you should know about its eligibility. Here are the cases in which you are eligible for a Mabrook savings account.

1.      If you are an ex-pat or UAE national with a valid residency visa, you are eligible to participate in the Mabrook savings account.

2.      You are also eligible for Mabrook savings account if your account is formed in Joint names, with the repayment clause in a proper way.

3.      If you can only participate in Mabrook savings, you only need to have your Mabrook savings account. Keep in mind that the available amount in your Mabrook savings account is at least AED 10,000

4.      Your monthly average balance should be AED 10,000 if you want to participate in your Mabrook savings account.

5.      Every additional multiple in your account during the starting month in order to become eligible for the draw entry.

cbi mabrook savings account annual draw

Benefits Of Mabrook Savings Account

The Mabrook savings account is the interest-bearing account that will allow you to achieve the rewards based on the lucky draw series. Dubai Economic Development officials conduct a series of lucky draws in the Mabrook savings account.

You can also use your Mabrook account to facilitate regular financial transactions. The Mabrook savings account has come with a lot of benefits that meet your banking needs effectively.

1. Minimum balance

The monthly savings account must maintain a minimum daily balance of 3000AED. If your Mabrook savings account balance falls below00 AED, then the minimum monthly balance will be behind your account.

2. Eligibility

A minimum average balance every month is 10,000 AED. It should be maintained in your Mabrook savings account if you want to become eligible for the draw. The minimum monthly average balance is the amount you should need to maintain your Mabrook savings account every month before the draw.

It is important for every account used to maintain at least 10,000 AED before the draw. Keep in mind that you will get the extra funds on draw entry for AED 500, which is subject to maintaining the minimum average balance of 10,000 AED.

3. Phone banking

The best thing about the Mabrook savings account is that you can easily use the 24*7 phone banking services. Under this accounting scheme, you can easily conduct the many services on your credit or debit cards, fund transfers, and utility payments between your accounts registered within the CBI.

4. Interest rate

You are allowed to get the interest of 0.10%, which is paid on the Mabrook saving account semi-annually. In this account, the interest paid on the credit balance in this account is calculated and credited to your Mabrook savings account according to the product terms and conditions.

5. Internet banking

Internet banking allows you to manage bank accounts and local and international payments and transfers.

6. Mobile banking

The mobile banking app is easily downloaded on Google play, App store, etc. This app allows you to transfer your funds and proceed with the payments directly through the mobile phone internationally and locally.

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Winning the big jackpot or large cash prizes can bring happiness to everyone’s life. There are many ways to become a lucky millionaire, from winning airport draws to lottery raffles to the linked prize savings account.

One of the big cash prizes to win in Dubai is the Mabrook savings account. It provides you with the weekly lotto-style raffle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who can easily open the Mabrook savings account

You can easily open your Mabrook savings account if you are an ex-pat or UAE national with the right residence Visa. You can also open your Mabrook savings account with the joint accounts if you have a suitable repayment clause.

2. Can u Open your Mabrook account in your child’s name

Yes, a person over 21 years old can open the Mabrook account for children. However, the child’s legal guardian is only responsible for the Mabrook savings account until your children reach legal age.

3. Do you earn interest on the Mabrook savings account?

Yes, you can earn the interest on a Mabrook savings account only if your account maintains a balance of 1000 AED. After this amount is balanced in your Mabrook savings account, you are able to earn 0.10% interest.

4. How the draw of the Mabrook savings account is conducted

Every draw of the Mabrook savings account is conducted and controlled through the department of economic development, the CBI marketing team, and the Dubai government.

5. How to know if you get a win through the Mabrook savings account

When the winner’s account is held, they will get a notification through the branch. Afterward, the winner has to visit the branch and give the bank details or ID to claim the prize money.

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