A Complete Guide To Mahzooz (Emirates Loto): How To Play, Prizes, And More

In this complete guide about Mahzooz Emirates Loto, you are gonna know everything related to it. The UAE residents highly participate in Mahzooz online and win weekly grand prizes. Mahzooz live is commonly known as the Emirates Loto. It is referred to as the online raffle system where the players can get the chance to win AED 50 million if they have all the six numbers on the ticket matched with the specific numbers that are announced on the draw date.

How To Purchase Mahzooz (Emirates Loto)?

UAE has been known for being the largest lotteries in the world, which are already won by a number of people. It means that the residents of UAE are highly participating in the lottery system. One of the best online lotteries played in UAE is Mahzooz emirates Loto.

In this article, we are going to give you all the important information on Mahzooz, and Mahzooz ticket purchase, including qualifications, requirements, how to play, how to win, etc. If you also want to become rich quickly by playing the best lottery, Mahzooz, then you should read the very facts of this article and make it easier for you to get win.

What Is Mahzooz UAE Lottery?

Mahzooz (Emirates Loto) is a premium week lottery system in the UAE. This lottery produces dirham millionaires every week. The Mahzooz draw takes place every Saturday at 9 pm. The tickets for playing the Mahzooz are available online. The price of a single raffle lottery ticket of Mahzooz is AED 35.

What Is Mahzooz UAE Lottery

In simple words, the Mahzooz (Emirates Loto) is considered the lucky draw system that depends upon humanitarianism. The only need to anticipate Mahzooz is buying bottled water.

The price of every bottled water is fixed at AED35. It means everybody is able to join Mahzooz as soon as they meet the requirements.

What Are Mahzooz Numbers?

Mahzooz numbers are special numbers. While playing Mahzooz, it is important for players to get six consecutive numbers and win big prizes.

  •  There are a total of 49 numbers in the Mahzooz draw.
  •  These numbers are drawn continuously. If you want to consider your playing as an official entry in this raffle lottery, then you have to place the total number for a draw and check these numbers weekly.
  •  The Mahzooz numbers are chosen by machine. The balls in this lottery are kept in glass containers and connected to the drawing machine. Then the six numbers are selected by the machine.
  •  If all the selected numbers are matched on the person’s raffle lottery ticket, they will get the big prize.
  • If the many numbers select the same number, and these numbers are matched with the ticket, then the prize money is distributed among them.

Qualification to play the Mahzooz  Dubai lottery

Everyone in UAE is able to participate in Mahzooz if they are 18 years old or older. To play the Mahzooz  UAE raffle lottery, you must buy the ticket first. Here are some things that tell you whether you are eligible to play the Mahzooz.

  •  You are not a subordinate, shareholder, or manager of Mahzooz 
  •  You are not restricted by the country’s laws from participating in these events
  •  You should not be a draw manager, government representative, or insurance representative
  • The participants are not from embargoed or sanctioned countries.

Requirements For Mahzooz 

It is simple and easy to join the lottery draw. You only need to buy bottled water from the official website and choose the six-number combination to have a chance to win the jackpot.

Keep in mind that the price of standard bottled water is AED 35. If you want to get a large amount of money quickly in your hand, then you make the Mahzooz ticket purchase and test your luck.

How To Play The Mahzooz  Dubai Lottery

Once you properly read the eligibility criteria and requirements, it is easy to understand how to play Mahzooz. Here is the step-by-step process that helps you play the Mahzooz  Dubai lottery and make your chances of winning the large jackpot.

1. You should visit the official website of Mahzooz and create an account there. If you are already registered to the Mahzooz website, then you have to log in to your account.

2. While creating the account on the Mahzooz website, you must provide basic personal details, like phone number and valid email address.

3. After registering your account, you have to agree to all terms and conditions to save the details on-site given by you.

4. After this, you will get the OTP to your registered email address or phone number. Enter the OTP here at the Mahzooz  website and get access to your account

5. Then, you can start playing. For this, tap on the PLAY button on the left side at the top of the page.

6. Choose the six digits that you want to enter per ticket. Every entry consists of the six digits to be eligible for the draw. Every participant can have the entire 300 entries at a time.

7. Then, you must pay for selected entries using your debit or credit card.

8. Then, you only need to wait for the draw on Saturday at 9 pm to see whether your ticket number matches the draw.

How To Win The Mahzooz Dubai Lottery?

As a raffle lottery participant, if you are worried about getting a win in Mahzooz result today, then there is no need to take the stress. Here, you simply have to match the six numbers with the draw that is announced every week.

How To Win The Mahzooz Dubai lottery

If you match a minimum of three numbers, you will get a minor prize of AED 35. On the other hand, if you can match the maximum six numbers, you can get the big prize of AED 50 million.

Up on the weekly draw, if there are multiple winners announced in the same category, then the prize money is distributed to the number of all winners who come in this category.

How To Claim Your Mahzooz  Winnings?

It will be good to have the proper plan to play the Mahzooz (Emirates Loto), win, claim the prize, etc. If you are new and want to know how to claim your Mahzooz winnings, then you should follow the step-by-step process.

1. First, you must use your login information and access your account online at the Mahzooz website.

2. Move to MY ACCOUNT section, then tap on total balance/ balance summary

3. Next, you have to tap on withdraw or transfer button

4. From here, two options have appeared in front of you. Either you can use your Mahzooz  winning to purchase the credit balance by clicking on transfer all winnings option

5. After doing this step, there is no way to refund your winnings. Additionally, you can also claim your winnings from Mahzooz   by choosing the withdrawal method and entering the amount that you want to claim

6. After selecting the withdrawal method,  you have to fill in the all-important information to proceed with the transactions

7. Get the confirmation message in your email or phone. In this way, you can easily withdraw all your money.

Mahzooz is considered a good opportunity for all in Dubai who want to become rich quickly. Similar to the online events or raffles you want to join, you have to understand how to play, how it works, qualifications, requirements, etc., while choosing the Mahzooz to participate.

The Mahzooz (Emirates Loto) ticket purchase is set at 35 dirhams. Once you purchase the one ticket for you, you must just depend on your luck and wait for the draws.

To participate in Mahzooz, you have to pick the top 6 numbers that you think best to get in and check these numbers on the weekly draws when they will be streamed on the official Mahzooz website or its social media platforms.

How can I contact Mahzooz customer support?

If you are a Dubai resident, then you can place the call at a toll-free number, 800-5825. If you are out of UAE, then you should place a call at +971 4 588 0100 to contact the customer support desk.

Mahzooz price list

when do the players get the win in mahzooz? If you want to get a win in mahzooz, you have to simply match the 6 digits of the ticket with the number on the draw date every week. Here is the mahzooz price list that depends on the number match in the mahzooz ticket.

Mahzooz Price List:-

AED 50 millionIf 5 numbers match in the Mahzooz ticket
AED 1 millionIf 5 numbers match in the mahzooz ticket
AED 1000If 3 numbers match in the Mahzooz ticket
AED 35If 3 numbers match in the mahzooz ticket

Minimum Mahzooz price

The minimum mahzooz price is AED 35 if you match at least 3 digits. On the other hand, if you match all 6 digits, you can win the mahzooz prize of AED 50 million.

If there is more than one winner in the category, then the mahzooz price amount will distribute among the number of winners.

Where to find Mahzooz results today?

The mahzooz official website is the right place to see the mahzooz Saturday results today. You can also see the previous draws and past results of mahzooz by visiting their site.

To see mahzooz results at the official site, you have to hover over the draw drop-down menu, then choose the past draw results.

Moreover, if you want to make a list of previous winners or want to know about their backgrounds and stories, you have to click on the winner’s panel under the draw drop-down menu.

Mahzooz is a good opportunity for anyone in UAE who wants to become the richest in a quick way. As same as other platforms, you should understand the rules, mechanics, needs, and eligibility to start playing the mahzooz online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Mahzooz  run on mobile app?

Yes, Mahzooz has a mobile app on which you can easily play this Dubai lottery game. The Mahzooz app was created by a company to make the lottery service more convenient and flexible for participants.

2. How many numbers are you required to get a win in Mahzooz?

You have to match at least three digits to get the minor win in Mahzooz. If you match the four numbers while playing the Mahzooz games, you are awarded large prizes.

3.  How to watch the live Mahzooz draw?

The Facebook page, YouTube channel, and the Mahzooz website will broadcast the Mahzooz live coverage of the draw. At 9 pm every Saturday, you can easily watch the live stream of Mahzooz ‘s weekly drawings.

4.  Where to find the past winners of Mahzooz?

You are only able to find the list of previous draw winners on the official Mahzooz website or its social media channels.

5.  How to search the Mahzooz results?

You can easily check the results of the latest Mahzooz draws on the official website. For this, you have to hover over the tab draw and select the draw results option from the pop-up menu on your screen. Once clicked, the results of the specific Mahzooz draw come.

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