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How To Win Big Ticket Abu Dhabi? Everything You Should Know!



How To Win Big Ticket Abu Dhabi

Have you ever fantasized about acquiring wealth or a luxury vehicle overnight? If so, the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket draw can assist you in making your dream come true. Since 1992, the Big Ticket has overnight changed the fortunes of thousands. The monthly draw began in 1992 with a Dh1 million cash prize. However, the Big Ticket winner today gets a prize of around Dh15-25 million, and the prize varies throughout the year.

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi – Overview, Price, And More!

The most extensive and longest-running raffle in the capital of the United Arab Emirates is a one-way ticket to instant and extraordinary wealth. Therefore, a win in the Big Ticket draw could make all your dreams come true, whether you desire a fancy car, a luxurious apartment, or a dream vacation to your preferred vacation spot. Thanks to many players who try their luck with the big prize each month.

Curious about how to buy a big ticket? Please keep reading to find out more about it.

How To Win Big Ticket Abu Dhabi

What Is Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket?

The Abu Dhabi big ticket draw occurred nearly thirty years ago at the International Airport. The raffle draw’s initial cash prize was 1 million AED. A big ticket winner today in Abu Dhabi, is eligible for cash prizes worth up to AED 25 million, though the prize pool has been significantly increased. Additionally, the winners have a chance to win opulent cars and fantastic rewards. 

A dream car, such as a BMW Series 19 or a Maserati Levante GT Hybrid, or prizes worth AED 12M, AED 15M, or AED 10M are also up for grabs in addition to the top cash prize of AED 25M. Here, it’s essential to remember that while the Dream Car Prize draw happens every two months, the Guaranteed Cash Prize draw happens every month. People continue to play Abu Dhabi’s big-ticket because of the inspiring tale of how winners were able to transform their lives. 

Every month, in the first week, the arrival lobby of Terminal 1 at Abu Dhabi International Airport hosts the Abu Dhabi big ticket draw. Ten raffle tickets are chosen in total during this two-hour live draw. The big ticket winner today is selected through a draw that starts with a smaller cash prize of AED 10,000 before going up to the maximum grand prize. 

“Richard” conducts the live drawing for the Abu Dhabi big ticket after spinning the raffle barrel and selecting a few tickets at random. Later, he selects the winning ticket by calling a member of the audience. He continues by opening the chosen ticket and announcing the winner. The details are immediately posted on the Big Ticket official website following the announcement of the Abu Dhabi big-ticket winner today.

Price Of Abu Dhabi Big Ticket 

Are you interested in finding out how much you would have to pay for the chance to become a millionaire overnight? The price of an Abu Dhabi big ticket depends on the kind of draw and ticket you want to purchase. The cash prize ticket and dream car ticket are the two different ticket types available for the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket draw. 

Dream Car Ticket

The Dream Car ticket is only AED 150. This ticket entitles you to a chance to win one of two luxury cars. Fortunately, the buy two, get one free promotion also applies to this ticket category. As a result, regardless of how much you spend or which ticket you purchase, you will always have a chance to win big. 

Cash Prize Ticket

The former costs AED 500; surprisingly, the buy two get one free offer is also applicable here. However, to avail of this free offer, you must purchase both tickets in a single transaction. They will not grant single tickets purchased in two different transactions the additional free Abu Dhabi big ticket.

How To Buy Big Ticket Draw?

The Abu Dhabi big ticket can be purchased both offline and online. While online tickets are available on the website, you can purchase offline tickets from the Abu Dhabi International Airport shops. Below are more details on purchasing the tickets:

How To Buy Big Ticket Offline?

The following list of locations where you can walk in and purchase your tickets will assist you with your offline big-ticket draw purchases for Abu Dhabi: Note that all these locations are open 24/7.

  • Terminal 1 Departures Tunnel, Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Arrivals Hall, Abu Dhabi International Airport, between Du and Travelex 
  • Terminal 1 Arrivals Duty-free, Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Terminal 2 Landside Area Next to Relay, Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Terminal 1A Departures are Duty-free at Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Terminal 2 Arrivals Duty-free, Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Terminal 2 Departures Duty-Free, Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • A1-Ain Airport Duty-free
  • Terminal 3 Departures, Gate 28, Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • A1-Ain Airport Landside Area, next to Relay

How To Buy Big Tickets Online?

The Abu Dhabi big-ticket online purchase can help if you are not from Abu Dhabi or cannot buy a raffle ticket from one of the places mentioned above. Follow the instructions below to purchase your big-ticket item online. Remember that each transaction can only include a maximum of 10 tickets.

Step 1: Go to www.big ticket. ae, the Big Ticket website’s official domain.

Step 2: At this point, you have two choices. Sign in or create an account. Here, new or inexperienced users must register or set up an account. Existing users only need to enter their login information to access their accounts. You can reset your password if you haven’t accessed the portal in a while. 

Step 3: you will create your account, and you can enter the draw after your profile has been verified via email and mobile number.

Step 4: After that, pick your preferred raffle prize and number. Additionally, you can exclude raffle numbers that are even, odd, by DOB, or previous winner ticket numbers at this stage. 

Step 5: After choosing your preferred raffle number, you will continue to a checkout option where you can confirm the information on your ticket. Your contact details and residential address are also included in the ticket information. 

Step 6: Once you have accepted all terms and conditions, it will take you to a payment gateway where you can make an online payment using a variety of gateways and credit or debit cards, including American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. You will get an email confirmation once the payment has been made. The email will also include your e-ticket for the Abu Dhabi big ticket draw. You can also see your e-ticket in your Big Ticket account’s Order History.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where Can I View The Draw?

On the official Facebook page, live streaming is accessible. The winners’ list is also available on the official website after the draw. 

Q: Are tickets available for purchase outside of Abu Dhabi?

There are no offices located anywhere else besides Abu Dhabi. On the other hand, you can purchase tickets online. Before you purchase a raffle draw ticket, you should ensure that you comply with the laws and regulations of your local host country.

Q: How Do I Collect The Winning Amount, and What Is The Process Involved?

Winners of the Grand Prize can claim their prizes and pick up their checks at the Operator’s office in Abu Dhabi. If the Operator gives permission, non-grand prize winners may have their winnings transferred to their bank accounts. Those who win cars but live in a country other than the UAE are responsible for making their delivery arrangements.

Q: What else do I need to know to participate in the raffle draw?

The administration will announce various contests and activities where prizes will be awarded. As an illustration, The BigTicketSelfie and BigTicketLove are two recent examples of games in which you could win a free ticket. Therefore, keep an eye on the official social media networks for additional opportunities to win.

Q: What is the price of the big ticket in Abu Dhabi?

The price of a single big ticket in Abu Dhabi is 500 AED (Abu Dhabi Dirhams). If you buy two tickets, you’ll be able to get the third ticket for no additional cost at all.

Q: Do you offer an online option for purchasing the Abu Dhabi big ticket?

You can purchase Abu Dhabi big tickets online, which is the only option available given that there are no ticket-buying centers outside of Abu Dhabi. You can easily purchase the tickets online, even if you do not reside in Abu Dhabi, and you will have the opportunity to win a significant amount of money.

Q: Who has been selected as the winner of the Big Ticket for 2022?

Every third month, the big ticket draw takes place. Safwan Abdulkader Nizamuddin is the lucky person who won the big ticket in Abu Dhabi’s most recent draw, which took place on July 3rd, 2022. The winner hails from Saint Kitts and Nevis, and they take home a whopping 15,000,000 UAE Dirhams as their prize.

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