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All You Need To Know About The Mashreq Millionaire! Complete Guide



All You Need To Know About The Mashreq Millionaire!

In today’s world, everyone wants to become a millionaire. If you are a resident of UAE, you are probably aware of the Mashreq Millionaire. It is considered the famous lucky draw system, and you want to give yourself a chance to win this lucky draw.

If you want to make your winning chances more in Mashreq millionaire, you have to buy the savings certificate through the Mashreq NEO sent directly from the Mashreq bank. If your luck supports you, you will win AED 1 Million from the Mashreq millionaire lucky draw.

The cost of every Mashreq certificate is AED 1000. But purchasing this certificate will give you a chance to win 1 million dirhams. There are also some small prizes that are also there, such as AED 5000 and AED 1000 prizes, that are different from the bumper prize.

So, this is a little information about the prizes of Mashreq millionaires. If you want to become a millionaire by participating in Mashreq millionaire, you should need more information to understand the complete concept.

What Is The Mashreq Millionaire Certificate?

You must obtain the Mashreq millionaire certificate to participate in the Mashreq millionaire. The draw of Mashreq millionaire is conducted under the government supervision bodies.

Every draw is conducted by the government every month. All the rewards, like AED 1,000,000 big prizes, need only one certificate. This certificate is known as the Mashreq millionaire certificate.

What Is The Mashreq Millionaire Certificate

However, it is referred to as a government-approved scheme, which indicates that you are not required to pay anything for the misconception.

The savings program, named Mashreq millionaire, is available for all tourists, residents, as well as visitors. Every August, April, and December, you can easily watch the AED 1 million draw of Mashreq millionaire. Every month, you can also get the chance to win 1000 prizes of 25 AED and three prizes of AED 5000.

Prize Structure At Mashreq Millionaire

People have great chances to win the big jackpots under the Mashreq millionaire events. This platform offers monthly as well as quarterly basis prizes. Here is the elaborated prize distribution for both cases.

  • ¬†Monthly prizes

There are a total of 25 prizes of AED1000. There are additional three prizes of AED 5000. Also, there are another 50 prizes for salaam points, 10,000, which people can easily redeem to book hotels and airline tickets and make purchases at cinema tickets and retail outlets.

  • ¬†Quarterly prizes

In the quarterly prizes offered by the Mashreq millionaire, there is only one prize of the amount of 1,000,000 offered every quarter during August, March, and December. The winners announced on every  Mashreq millionaire draw are informed via call or SMS.

It is suggested to check that all the details given by you are accurate while purchasing the Mashreq millionaire certificates. Do not forget to cross-check the details, especially your phone number or email address, so you do not miss your lucky call from their side.

Mashreq Millionaire Documentation

The best thing about the million draw, Mashreq millionaire, is that you do not need to have UAE residency, to purchase the Mashreq millionaire certificates. There is no need for a person to show themselves in UAE legally.

It means everybody is able to participate in the lucky draw of Mashreq millionaires. Ensure that some documentation is required to make you eligible to participate in Mashreq millionaire.

  • Completed application form with all valid and accurate information
  • ¬†VISA, passport copy, and Emirates ID
  • ¬†If you are not a UAE resident, you must submit a copy of your passport showing the UAE stamp clearly.
  • ¬†Every single certificate is issued to one individual. Hence, the certificate of Mashreq millionaire is not transferable to anyone other than the individual.

Eligibility To Participate In Mashreq Millionaire

There are specific requirements for getting the prizes, and you must meet all the needs below to become eligible and participate in Mashreq millionaire.

  • You must purchase the minimum 3 Mashreq millionaire certificates for every different transaction.
  • You should carry the minimum one certificate that states you are qualified for the Mashreq millionaire draw.
  • ¬†You must buy the certificate at least two days before the Mashreq millionaire draw in case you are not eligible for it. You should participate this way if you want to become eligible for the future¬† Mashreq millionaire draws.
  • You are qualified for one certificate to receive all the prizes
  • Keep in mind that the bank has the freedom to cancel or reject your Mashreq millionaire application in the case of a discrepancy.

How To Buy This Savings Certificate?

It is easy to buy the Mashreq millionaire certificates because they are available at most bank branches. The individuals who want to buy the Mashreq millionaire certificates through the bank branches are allowed to contact on+97144244444.

The Mashreq bank also sells these savings certificates on their Mashreq online website. You can also contact the sales representatives and buy the certificates. Keep in mind that the price of every Mashreq millionaire certificate is AED 1000. The higher the number of savings certificates you have, the more you avail the chances to win large prizes.

The economic development departments control all the draws of Mashreq millionaire certificates, making this process very transparent and clear.

Encashment Process At Mashreq Millionaire

The encashment process of Mashreq millionaire certificates is simple. If you buy the savings certificate through the bank, then you should visit the bank branch office with the soft copy of your certificate or the original certificate.

  • You should also give your identity proof here at the bank branch office.
  • On the other hand, if you buy the Mashreq millionaire certificate online or through the app, you have to encash it under the cover itself there. In this case, authorities impose pre-encashment charges.
  • ¬†It will only apply if you apply for the encashment process within 90 days of buying the Mashreq millionaire certificates.
  • If you need short-term cash, then it is suggested to use the government overdraft facility.
  • It offers you 95 % of your investment at a low-interest rate. In this case, the customers who have 20 more than the Mashreq millionaire certificates can get a Mashreq credit card.
  • By using a credit card, you are able to get a cash advance facility at a lower interest rate.

Draw The Date Of The Mashreq Millionaire

Here are a few details available on the possible draw date of Mashreq millionaire.

  • 24 November 2022, Thursday, was the draw date for Mashreq millionaire
  • ¬†There are a total of 25 prizes of AED 1000, and a total of three prizes cost AED 5000
  • Winners from the Mashreq millionaire will be announced on 25 November 2022.


It is concluded that the banking system in UAE is clear and transparent under government regulations. You can simply open your bank account, save up to AED 1000, and then try your luck with the Mashreq millionaire ticket.

If your luck is with you, you win the luxury car, visit one of the best holiday destinations, invest in a dream home, etc. You do not need to take too much stress to become a genius to win in Mashreq millionaire. Everything depends upon your luck, whether you win or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you save with the Mashreq millionaire certificate?

It is convenient and simple to save in Mashreq millionaire certificates. You can easily purchase the Mashreq millionaire certificate through any of the 39 Mashreq branches. You can also place a call to the 24 hours banking direct center at +971 (4) 424 4444.

2. Who should you save as a Mashreq millionaire?

Mashreq millionaire certificates have been saved by every holder of having a valid residency, visit, or transit the Visa of all GCC and UAE nationals. Keep in mind that these Mashreq millionaire certificates are non-transferable and do not stay jointly.

3. How do the draws for  Mashreq millionaire are conducted?

Every Mashreq millionaire is supervised and conducted by economic development departments. All the Mashreq millionaire certificates are consistent in every draw. It means the more you carry the Mashreq millionaire certificates, the higher your chances of becoming a millionaire.

4. How to know if you are winning?

As we tell you, the Mashreq millionaire draws only depend upon your luck. It is important to buy the Mashreq millionaire certificate in order to have a high chance of winning. 

If you win a Mashreq millionaire, you are notified through SMS and telephone. Ensure that all the submitted information by you is accurate, so you do not miss the chance to get the Mashreq millionaire certificate.

5. How to encash the Mashreq millionaire certificate?

You can easily encash your certificate in full or part through the official website.

If you buy the certificate through the branch or as a winning certificate, you also need to do the encashment process through the bank. If you buy the Mashreq millionaire certificates online, you can easily encash the certificates through the Mashreq online or Mashreq mobile app.

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