Ministry Of Energy And Infrastructure Enables e-Signature Feature For Engineering Contracts

In an attempt to implement the European GDPR regulations, the UAE has come up with a new proposal. The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has approved activating the UAE Pass-based digital signature and verification feature for executing all the engineering contracts.

The Government aims to maintain the highest level of data integrity and confidentiality through this mechanism. This latest feature will allow the engineers and the consultants to utilize the UAE Pass to electronically sign the bids and contracts.

This move is likely to digitalize and automate the execution of engineering contracts. It will help to promote transparency and reduce the incidence of corrupt practices.

The Government is keen to integrate modern solutions with conventional transactions to keep pace with global developments.

The UAE Pass-Based Digital Signature is a novel way to improve the execution of the engineering contracts

This facility of digitally signing the engineering contracts is likely to simplify the processes and improve the quality of experiences of the customers. All of this will help to elevate the UAE’s position at par with international standards. The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has taken complete charge of this initiative.

The UAE Pass-Based Digital Signature is a novel way to improve the execution of the engineering contracts

The Government of the UAE has enforced various measures to develop the economy of the Emirates so far. It has adopted innovative tools and measures that help to improve the performance and the delivery of Government services to the residents of the territory.

It has recently launched the Emirates Programme for Excellence in Government Services. The program exhaustively covers all the government and official departments and regulates the functioning of these institutions.

It seeks to reduce red-tapism and traces of bureaucracy in these departments to enable them to function properly. The Government has taken various steps to monitor these institutions and hold them accountable for their fallacies. 

In addition, the Government has opted for digitally transforming the operations. Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, who is the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure recently expressed his intention to make the UAE one of the most digitally advanced nations of the world.

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To make this happen, the UAE is promoting the incorporation of the latest technologies to strengthen the efficiency of government services. 

Therefore, the mechanism to digitally sign engineering contracts has been put into force. It will enable the contractors to verify the terms and conditions of the contract. In addition, it will also help to retain the privacy and confidentiality of the agreements.

According to the statistics, the engineering contracts were prone to manipulation time and again. They became a means to defraud the public.

Therefore, the Government implemented this UAE Pass-based e-signature mechanism. The entire process of the execution of the engineering agreements would be under the radar of the Government. This will help to get rid of corruption and other malpractices which impact the quality of life. 

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