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1 Year Of The Dubai Can: 7 Million Single-use Plastic Bottles Saved | Report



1 Year Of The Dubai Can 7 Million Single-use Plastic Bottles Saved Report

By preventing the consumption of 7 million single-use plastic bottles in just one year, Dubai Can have accomplished a huge milestone. This is a great accomplishment and a reflection of the dedication of the over 1,000 sponsors and stakeholders from the public and business sectors who have supported this initiative.

Dubai Can have prevented the usage of 7 million 500 ml single-use plastic bottles

Dubai Can is a fantastic example of how public-private collaborations can successfully address urgent environmental concerns. It has not only helped in reducing plastic trash but also created awareness about the value of sustainable living by encouraging the use of reusable water bottles and promoting proper waste management.

Dubai Can have prevented the usage of 7 million 500 ml single-use plastic bottles

The Dubai Can program has been successful in encouraging tourists and locals to adopt more sustainable habits. The campaign has been successful in spurring major change at both the individual and community levels by promoting the use of reusable bottles and increasing awareness of the terrible impacts of single-use plastics.

A total of 50 water fountains have been installed throughout the city as a result of the Dubai Can initiative. These water fountains can assist in reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable behavior by making it easier for people to access drinking water without relying on single-use plastic bottles.

The Dubai Can project established water stations all across Dubai that comply with strict hygiene requirements and provide clean, safe drinking water that has been tested in line with DEWA, GCC, and WHO standards. This guarantees that anyone can benefit from drinking water from these stations without worrying about their safety or health.

Director of Talabat UAE, Tatiana Rahal, stated: Talabat UAE is committed to promoting sustainability and having a good influence, and for the past year has been a founding partner of the Dubai Can initiative. Talabat UAE is supporting the program by providing the public with free access to drinking water around the city, including delivery riders. This can help decrease the usage of single-use plastic water bottles and encourage sustainable behavior.

It’s also good to see that Talabat UAE is dedicated to becoming the main agent of change and innovation in this field and views sustainability as a crucial force for a positive effect. Talabat UAE is setting an example for other companies and organizations to follow by taking the initiative to promote sustainability and backing programs like Dubai Can.

projects like Dubai may rely on the support and dedication of partners like Talabat UAE to be successful in promoting sustainability and minimizing environmental effects. Businesses, governments, and communities can all significantly improve the state of the environment and create a more sustainable future for everyone by cooperating.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Dubai’s goal of becoming a fully sustainable travel destination are both supported by the Dubai Can project. Initiatives like Dubai Can be crucial in promoting the city’s sustainability agenda and proving its dedication to a sustainable future as the city prepares to host COP28 this year.

The city’s sustainability policy, which includes a ban on single-use plastic bags that came into effect in June 2022, is being driven by the Dubai Can project, which is now in its second year and has become a major part of the city.

The success of Dubai Can serve as an example for other cities and organizations around the world to follow in terms of decreasing their environmental effect and promoting sustainability.

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On a conclusion note – Public-private collaborations are crucial for fostering sustainability and minimizing environmental damage, as demonstrated by initiatives like Dubai.

Governments, companies, and communities can all work together to address urgent environmental concerns and create a more sustainable future for everyone. ย the success of Dubai Can serve as an example for other cities and organizations around the globe to follow in their efforts to promote sustainability and reduce plastic waste.

Executives from some of Dubai’s major hotels have expressed their commitment to the Dubai Can sustainability initiative

which was launched by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority in February 2021. The initiative aims to reduce single-use plastic water bottles in the city by installing water filtration units and promoting the use of glass bottles.

Accor Group, Hilton, Marriott International, Radisson Hotel Group, Rotana, Pullman Dubai Creek City Hotel & Residences, and Rove Hotels are among the hotel companies that have participated in the initiative, which has so far achieved 20% implementation across 55 hotels.

In addition to reducing plastic use, hotels have implemented initiatives such as air-to-water machines, water purifying systems, and recycling and garbage separation measures in their operations.

The leaders said that the initiative is part of a broader society-wide effort to drive real behavioral change, especially as the city prepares to host the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 28) later this year.

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