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140 UAE Students Get Scholarship For Higher Education In The US And Canada



140 UAE Students Get Scholarship For Higher Education In The US And Canada

After thousands of applications and a rigorous process, 140 UAE students are all set to kickstart to do higher studies in the US and Canada. The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) launched the Khotwa (RizeUp) Scholarship Program recently and with its inauguration, 140 UAE nationals are chosen scholarships to do higher studies in community colleges in US and Canada. Each of the Emiratis was selected after a team from the Khotwa Scholarship Program studied each application that was submitted to the program. 

They will spend two years studying at community colleges in North America

The 140 UAE students will spend 2 years in community colleges in the two countries. Out of 140 candidates, 114 are set to study in the USA, and 26 in Canada, and then they will be transferred to a national or location university for their credits that will complete their bachelor’s degree.


The scholarship covers everything for the student while they do their higher studies. The Khotwa Scholarship Program comes with a home-stay-program with the intention of giving all of the candidates a safe atmosphere in a country that is new to them.

This also allows the candidates to understand the cultures and improve their English speaking skills. 

The first intake of applicants which was in the winter term attended a pre-departure gathering where each candidate was briefed by the representatives of the Khotwa RizeUp Program.

The gathering also had the presence of scholar representatives in the US and Canada about what to expect in their colleges and countries. 

Dr. Bashaer Almatrooshi, Acting Executive Director of the Talent Enablement Sector at ADEK, has said that the chosen applications are ready to set them apart for a journey that will lead them to discover knowledge beyond the classroom and to get broad insights into international cultures.

Dr. Almatrooshi has also added that this opportunity will also enhance their personal and academic development and has said that the organization trusts that the chosen Emiratis will make the best of this opportunity. 

In the initial stage, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) planned to choose 100 applicants for the scholarship but they increased the intake after analyzing the performance of each of them and by considering the results that they have achieved at ADEK Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp of ADEK included a selection process like behavioral interviews, self-assessment, group case studies, situational simulation, and soft skills training.

The organization chose 140 Emiratis from 1600 candidates who have applied for the Khotwa Scholarship Program. 

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When the selected candidates reach overseas, they will be staying with a local family chosen by the ADEK. The main aim of doing this is to make them comfortable in the new place as much as possible and give them an opportunity to learn more about the cultures, the tradition, and everything about the country in which they are doing their higher studies.

Once the students have completed two years of community college study, they can move out from their local families and then live on their own. 

ADEK Khotwa Scholarship Program is a program of 1.9 billion AED and the main aim of the program is to give educational opportunities to 6,000 Emiratis who want to pursue higher studies.

The scholarship is given to individuals that come from a variety of academic, financial, and social backgrounds. 

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