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2nd March Announced As New Launch Date For ‘UAE Mission 2’



2nd March Announced As New Launch Date For 'UAE Mission 2'

In order to revamp its position in space, Dubai has speeded up its efforts. It is evident from the recent announcement by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center on 27th February 2023. The Space Center has announced its association and collaboration with international partners and space agencies in order to launch the much-awaited UAE Mission 2.

The UAE Mission 2 is the biggest and the longest space mission was ever undertaken by an Arab nation. This is probably the dream project for the country of UAE and it is definitely going to make sure to the best of its capacity that the mission is a true success. 

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center yesterday has propounded a new launch date for the launch of the mission. The new date is 2nd March 2023.

UAE Mission 2 is all set to upheaval the positioning of UAE in International space

Earlier the mission was supposed to be launched on 27th February 2023.  The Center took it to Twitter to explain the cause for postponing the launch.

UAE Mission 2 is all set to upheaval the positioning of UAE in International space

The officials of the centre reported that upon the expert analysis undertaken a day before the previous day of launch, a technical issue was reported and it became essential to fix the fault before the launch mission could actually be put into action. Therefore, teams have been employed to remove this technical fallibility and launch the mission in full swing. 

UAE Mission 2 has been an iconic mission for the country of UAE to implement. The emirate astronaut, Sultan Al Neyadi recently shared his views on this mission in an interview. He went ahead to say that this mission is likely to provide him with a second chance to carry the UAE Flag to space.

He went ahead adding that the mission aims to explore the intricacies of life and life beyond Earth. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center has entered into associations with NASA and Roscosmos in order to execute this mission.

As a part of the mission, Sultan Al Neyadi would be spending 180 days along with fellow researchers in the laboratory of the International Space Station and would be spending time undertaking extensive research that would be ultimately beneficial to humanity.

As a part of the mission, all the astronauts would be expected to exhaustively search for conditions of life beyond Earth. Sultan Al Neyadi was excited to embark on the 25-hour journey to the International Space Station. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center had initially fixed the launch date on 27th February 2023 at 10:45 am according to the UAE time.

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum himself arrived at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center in order to witness the live launch of the mission. It was two minutes before the original launch date that various issues in the ground systems were reported. Therefore, the technical team unanimously decided to withdraw the propellants from Falcon 9 and Dragon and place them under a state of ‘safe configuration’.

The investigations commenced there and then the crew members were made to exit the shuttle. A subsequent tweet by NASA reported the cause to be the ‘scrubbing’ of the grounds.

The issue is now being worked upon and the organization has announced the next date of the launch which is 2nd March 2023 at 9:34 A.M. 

NASA however had predicted such kind of procedural and technical hindrances in the launch of the mission. That is why it had earlier only announced backup launch opportunities on 28th February 2023 and 2nd March 2023.

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After the decision to offload the space shuttles was taken on 27th February 2023, the Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan immediately tweeted that irrespective of these technical defects, the aim and the motive of the crew members should be high.

He also wished them the best wishes and prayed for their safe and productive journey. This gesture of his Highness has been appreciated by the crewmen and the organizations who are working day in and day out for making this mission a great success.

The preparations for the upcoming day of launch are all underway. The crew members have been adequately trained and all the technicalities have been checked.

The weather is clear for the 2nd of March, 2023. In fact, arrangements are already underway to arrange a media teleconference before the next launch in order to prevent any kind of anomalies.

The team is all ready to wait for the big day and set everything into motion which has been in the doldrums for all this while. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center has also expressed its gratitude to all the supporters who have helped make this mission a reality.

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