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Abrahamic Family House Opening Date Announced By UAE President



Abrahamic Family House Opening Date Announced By UAE President

In a dedication ceremony on Sunday, a Torah scroll presented by UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan will be delivered to the synagogue. With Pope Francis’ historic trip to the UAE in 2019, the first time a pope visited the Arabian Peninsula, the Abrahamic Family Home project was unveiled. The Pope and Ahmed el-Tayeb, the grand imam of al-Azhar, signed a joint declaration highlighting religious tolerance and communication during the visit.

The Abrahamic Family Home initiative is intended to promote religious tolerance in Abu Dhabi

An important turning point in interfaith relations in the United Arab Emirates and around the world has been reached with the opening of the Abrahamic Family Home. The compound’s unique structure, which unites a mosque, a church, and a synagogue under one roof, is a symbol of the UAE’s dedication to fostering tolerance, peaceful coexistence, and mutual understanding among many faiths.

The Abrahamic Family Home initiative is intended to promote religious tolerance in Abu Dhabi

A series of events throughout the weekend are set to begin on Thursday when a highly significant interfaith complex in the UAE that houses a new synagogue opens its doors. Together with a synagogue, the Abrahamic Family Home on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi also has a mosque and a church.

It will now be launched with a ceremony even though its initial opening date was set for 2022. After the opening ceremony on Friday morning, there will be a symposium on interfaith relationships. Under the leadership of Chief Rabbi Yehuda Sarna, the neighborhood’s Jewish community will lead Shabbat prayers in the synagogue on the same day.

The Abrahamic Family House project is significant, according to Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig, a Jewish member of the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity. He says it offers a great chance for people who believe in the goodness of faith and humanity to advance harmony and understanding between religious leaders and communities.

The construction of the interfaith compound will aid in building bridges and promoting harmony and peace among people of different religions and cultures in a time that is frequently defined by differences.

As part of the Abraham Accords, which were mediated by the administration of former US President Donald Trump, the UAE, and Israel’s relations were mended in 2020.

The Abrahamic Family Home project is just one of many fresh partnerships and initiatives that have emerged as a result of the restoration of relations between the two nations.

At the committee’s second meeting in New York in 2019, the Abrahamic Family Home design by famous architect David Adjaye was unveiled.

A synagogue was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2008. The opening of the new state-approved synagogue would be a major step for the Gulf state’s public practice of Judaism.

The UAE embassy in Washington declared in January of this year that the nation would teach about the Holocaust in history classes for basic and secondary schools across the nation.

The greatest Jewish wedding in the history of the nation was attended by 1,500 people in September of last year, on the second anniversary of the Abraham Accords, to mark the marriage of UAE Chabad Rabbi Levi Duchman.

Rabbi Duchman has played a key role in the construction of numerous Jewish institutions in the UAE over the past eight years, including a Jewish school, a Hebrew supplemental school, a ritual bath, and a kosher agency with official government approval.

Less than a thousand Jews reside in the United Arab Emirates, and Duchman is one of several Orthodox rabbis working to promote Jewish life in the nation with Elie Abadie and Sarna, who are not connected to Chabad.

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The Supreme Committee of Human Fraternity is an interfaith body that was founded in response to the joint declaration on religious tolerance and cooperation that Pope Francis and the grand imam of al-Azhar signed in 2019. The committee was responsible for overseeing initiatives that encourage religious diversity, peace, and understanding.

The committee’s initial undertaking was the Abrahamic Family Home, which includes a mosque, a church, and a synagogue. Its development is a wonderful illustration of how people of all faiths and cultures can work together to promote mutual understanding and tranquility, and it serves as a model for peaceful coexistence and respect for variety.

The Abrahamic Family Home serves as a cultural hub that encourages respect and admiration for various cultures in order to be a representation of religious harmony.

It is a powerful example of how people of many faiths and origins can unite in an atmosphere of harmony and collaboration.

The establishment of the compound’s synagogue is especially remarkable because it is the first of its kind in the UAE. That demonstrates how dedicated the nation is to advancing religious tolerance and diversity. Without a question, the weekend’s activities and the opening ceremony will go down in history and be remembered for years to come.

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