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Abu Dhabi Doctors Save The Life Of An 11-year-old Who Suffered Cardiac Arrest



Abu Dhabi Doctors Save The Life Of An 11-year-old Who Suffered Cardiac Arrest

The 11-year-old boy suffered from a cardiac arrest due to a rare heart condition while playing with his family in the swimming pool. He was saved by the diligence of his mother, other residents, and healthcare professional.

A Scottish-Mexican native, Leonardo Osorio McGeehan has been successfully treated by the medical practitioners at Burjeel Medical City in Abu Dhabi. The boy first had to endure a heart attack while swimming in the pool at his residential complex. His mother who was previously a physical therapist performed CPR( Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) before seeking help.

The boy sufferers from a rare heart condition which caused the heart attack

The paramedics reached the spot soon after and took over CPR from the boy’s mother and used the defibrillator to shock him and steady his airway on their way to the hospital.

The boy sufferers from a rare heart condition which caused the heart attack

The 11-year-old was sent to the intensive care unit immediately as soon as they reached the nearest hospital. A detailed examination revealed that Leonardo has endured 2 cardiac arrests due to a congenital heart defect calle Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. 

This syndrome is a condition that is marked by the presence of an extra electrical pathway in the heart. This extra pathway can cause rapid heartbeat or tachycardia. After the confirmed diagnosis Leonardo was shifted to Burjeel Medical City.

This syndrome is quite a rare disorder that can be observed in up to 3 in 1000 people worldwide. Doctor Cristopher Duke, the pediatric cardiologist at the hospital reported that children with these conditions are usually brought in with palpitations and the patient suffering cardiac arrest is a very rare occurrence.

In his career over 2 decades, this was the second case where a patient with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome suffered a heart attack. Dr. Duke is a specialist in pediatric electrophysiology.

Leonardo underwent a pediatric radiofrequency ablation to treat his situation. There were special preparations made ready in the Burjeel Medical City for the successful surgery. The operation theater was set and a team of multidisciplinary doctors was set for the process.

Cardiologist and Electrophysiology and heart failure consultant, Dr. Jayakeerthi Yoganarasimha Rao; Pediatric intensive care unit consultant, Dr. Kesava Anath Ramakrishnan; Thoracic surgeon and consultant, Dr. Taj Mohammed Fiyaz Chowdhry; and also a cardiac surgery consultant, Dr. Imithaz Ahamed Manoly.

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Dr. Ramakrishnan shared that Burjeel Medical City is well-prepared to offer the utmost care to pediatric patients. The hospital has a cath lab facility with instruments for electrophysiological studies for such complicated cases.

He also said that as this patient was admitted to the pediatric ICU in need of complex care, they organized all the assistance and services required and coordinated with various specialties before the procedure. They also were ready to face any complications and had the surgical, pediatric ICU, and pediatric ECMO units on standby to handle such complications that might arise amidst the procedure.

The procedure was concluded within a 2-hour period. Leonardo has only shown positive results up until now and is recovering pretty well. Dr. Duke has revealed that Leonardo is cured of his heart condition, but he is required to be monitored regularly.

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