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Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative Marks 10 Years Of Philanthropic And Charitable Work



Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative Marks 10 Years Of Philanthropic And Charitable Work

Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative was enforced a decade ago under the guidance of Sheikha Manal Bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This initiative was launched to promote philanthropic activities in the UAE.

This program has also been able to encourage the execution of humanitarian projects and campaigns. It is being led by political leaders and corporate magnates for the time being who is coming ahead to contribute towards the sustainable development of the UAE.

Many charitable institutions and global centers are supporting this measure. 

The initiative has constantly targeted various segments of society. It has raised various issues before the government for seeking redressal.

The Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative has now partnered with Dubai Cares to launch and implement sustainable opportunities for development.

The initiative now works to strengthen the global position of Dubai. The joint efforts of the Dubai Cares and Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative have helped to tackle the challenge of climate change. The focus of the program is to sustainably develop Dubai in almost every respect. 

Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative has integrated governance to improve Dubai citizens’ lives

Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative was launched in 2013. The President of the UAE Gender Balance Council and the President of the Dubai Women Establishment, Sheikha Manal Bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum led the initiative. This initiative has now been subsumed under the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and has collaborated with Dubai Cares.

Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative has integrated governance to improve Dubai citizens' lives

This collaboration is likely to support the integration of education with the global climate agenda. According to Mona Al Marri, who is the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Dubai Women Establishment, climate change is intricately linked to other important pillars of sustainable development such as health, water, economy, gender balance, and education. 

The initiative has been implementing various projects to improve the quality and accessibility of education, health, water, and economy to raise Dubai to par with International standards. These programs aim to revolutionize the course of development and make a tangible impact on the vulnerable sections of society.

The latest partnership between Dubai Cares and the Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative has led to the implementation of the campaigns like Bookings 2030 and teacher.

This campaign will motivate the youth, especially the girls to achieve the professional qualifications for contributing towards the fulfillment of sustainable development.

The initiative has expressed its concern about the ever-increasing global climatic changes which have been affecting women disproportionately. Therefore, the leaders of the program aim to bring a transformative change in society by educating women about the ill effects of climate change on them.

Various measures are being taken to empower women to become climate action leaders through their constant support. Ever since the Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative partnered with Dubai Cares, it has always worked for the betterment of women amidst the global issue of climatic change.

Dubai Cares is now preparing itself to become the official executive education partner for COP 28 which is scheduled to be held in Dubai this year. The Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative would also play a pivotal role in this.

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Recently, the Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative has hosted the ‘Designs of Hope’ exhibition. This exhibition aimed to promote education related to climate change for women and girls. Women have been given the responsibility to play a lead role in implementing climatic change solutions. The initiative has been able to empower and support women in one or the other way.

Ever since its inception, it has sponsored various programs to uplift the status of women in the country. It was in the year of 2015 that the Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative launched the UAE Initiative for Connection with Orphans and Minor girls. A ‘Selah Art program’ was also introduced to connect the minor girls to their inner selves through the means of art. 

Another program, ReacHer was also introduced during the pandemic to extend mental and financial support to women. There have been many campaigns that have been launched for the empowerment of women.

The latest move of the Al Manal Humanitarian Initiative is likely to fulfill the twin objectives. One of these objectives is to implement solutions that mitigate the side effects of environmental change and the other objective is to educate the women and encourage them to lead the movement in the times to come. The move has been applauded by International bodies. Dubai is truly emerging as an inspiration for the world

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