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Amazon UAE Website Announces That By 2026, Products From 100,000 SMEs Will Be Sold



Amazon, the largest e-commerce corporation in the world, announced that it will promote 100,000 businesses on its UAE website by 2026, including local, small, and medium-sized businesses. Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, welcomed Amazon’s initiative to increase the number of small and medium-sized businesses selling on its UAE website.

He wrote on Twitter that this effort will give Emirati businesses a worldwide platform, harmonizing with D33’s aims and facilitating continued advancement towards our shared goals. Dubai has established itself as a flourishing center for the digital economy, determined to develop a climate that fosters innovation, ideas, and entrepreneurship.

Amazon – World’s Largest E-commerce Company Continues Success In UAE

Amazon, a multinational technology company founded and headquartered in Seattle, Washington, in 1994, has now become the world’s biggest e-commerce company. In 2017, Amazon launched in the United Arab Emirates, replacing’s position as the biggest e-commerce site in the Arab world. In December 2018, Amazon began accepting top sellers from the US and Europe to sell in the UAE. UAE is the 15th international market for Amazon.

On announcing the deal, Ronaldo Mouchawar, Vice President at Amazon Mena, told The National that “we are making consistent investments as a means to assist the digital economy in the UAE.” “We will continue to support small and local businesses as part of this initiative by enabling them to prosper and expand their operations by giving them access to customers on as well as our technology and logistics solutions via Fulfillment by Amazon.”

The company also announced the global registration program on, which makes it easier and smoother for local sellers to sell on Amazon globally, thereby reaching hundreds of millions of worldwide active consumer accounts.

In recent years, Amazon has made significant investments in the UAE. In Abu Dhabi, it is building the most technologically advanced warehouse in the Middle East and launched a large warehouse there in June last year.

As a part of the Amazon deal, the UAE organizations will have the opportunity to connect with 300 million consumers across 19 markets, including the US, UK, India, Japan, and Singapore. The initiative, which will promote entrepreneurship and broaden the e-commerce market, will also give businesses educational resources to aid in the sale of their goods on the retail website.

Companies can use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service to outsource order fulfillment to Amazon. Amazon aims to provide UAE companies with training and qualification opportunities to enable them to enhance their operations and launch applications on digital platforms.

Amazon, the world’s biggest e-commerce retailer, has thus become a vital partner in the UAE and Dubai’s ambition to promote the digital economy and create chances for entrepreneurs to utilize cutting-edge e-commerce technologies to expand their enterprises. 

Dubai Economic Agenda D33

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president of the UAE, prime minister, and ruler of Dubai, recently launched the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33), which aims to double Dubai’s economy over the period of the next ten years and establish Dubai’s status as one of the best three worldwide cities. By 2033, “D33” will have set a total of 32 trillion AED in goals.

It aims to accelerate growth through investments in advanced technology, human capital development, and skill sets, and by strengthening Dubai’s position as a global leader in innovation and the knowledge-based economy.

Partnering with the Dubai Economic Plan D33, Amazon seeks to boost the number of SMEs that sell on from 50,000 to 100,000 by 2026. The action supports the aims of Dubai Economic Agenda D33 and the Higher Committee for Future Technology Development and Digital Economy’s goal of elevating Dubai to the status of one of the top 10 digital economies in the world.

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Sheikh Hamdan said that Dubai is committed to establishing an environment where invention and creativity may flourish, with a focus on fostering growth that can help create a brighter future.

Dubai has become a well-known center for digital talent and business, enabling innovators and entrepreneurs to shape a new future for the country’s technology sector. The UAE’s digital economy strategy, which aims to use technology to improve social well-being, is supported by these developments.

He further said that the initiatives put forth in collaboration with major players in the digital and technology industries, along with the growth of SME’s, would increase the sector’s contribution to the UAE’s GDP by 20 percent over the following ten years. This will enhance the UAE’s status as a destination for digital entrepreneurs and a global center for digital app development.

The UAE and Dubai’s digital economies are ready to reach new heights owing to Dubai’s dedication to creating a healthy digital ecosystem and relationships with huge companies like Amazon. The city intends to guide the world’s digital economy, be the most attractive and rapidly expanding global business hub, and be a top choice for big foreign investments and corporations.

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