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What kind of pay rise to expect in 2016



As December comes around and we look towards a new year, there’s one thing on many people’s mind: pay rise. According to the recently released Robert Half 2016 Salary Guide, most people are in for a small increase, similar to the instalment they received last year. However, some may be pleasantly surprised…

Those in auditing and human resources are expected to see the biggest wad of cash added to their pay cheque. 2016 could see some employees in these sectors get an increase of up to 8.9 percent. Learning development managers and HR professionals could be looking at a boost of 7.2 percent.

According to the survey, this is in line with the region’s most in-demand jobs, especially those which are hard to fill, or have less candidates than available roles on the market. As a result, companies looking to attract the best talent need to raise the bar – and that means higher salaries.

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