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PETA criticise Dubai underwater nightclub



Were you at the launch party for the new underwater nightclub in Atlantis The Palm Dubai? The venue in The Lost Chambers is surrounded by water containing over 65,000 species, and although the first event drummed up a lot of excitement amongst partygoers, it seems that a prominent animal rights group wasn’t so thrilled.

A spokesperson for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), who have a huge celebrity following, told Arabian Business that they were concerned about noise levels. “Loud parties and captive animals are a bad mix,” they said. “Facilities such as this one are likely to have a detrimental impact on the animals housed there.”

The Lost Chambers Aquarium, which is located under the hotel, is home to a huge variety of fish, as well as larger animals such as stingrays, baby alligators and sharks. It surrounds a large venue – now being used as a night club for one event per month. The space can host 450 partygoers, including a bar and DJ booth.

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The statement from PETA continued: “Loud parties and captive animals are a bad mix. Animals can become extremely agitated during these events, even attacking one another out of frustration.

“Experts have stated that anthropogenic noise at high levels can affect animal behaviour, mask important natural sounds on which they depend, alter their physiological function and physically injure them.

“Kind club goers will go elsewhere – there’s nothing fun or entertaining about watching distressed animals circle tanks that are fractions of the sizes of the habitats they’d live in naturally.”

It is not known whether Atlantis have taken measures to protect the aquatic species against noise levels and vibrations.

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