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Dubai temperatures plummet to just 20 celsius



We’ve been saying that “winter is coming” for weeks now, and finally it has arrived. Yep, as reported by ShortList yesterday, temperatures in Dubai have plunged – but by even more than we anticipated.

Last night saw the mercury hit 37 degrees celsius, which is extremely high for this time of the year. But by 6am rain had started falling, and by 12pm the temperature had plunged 18 degrees to just 20 degrees celsius. What’s next? Before you cancel all your weekend plans, it looks like the rain will start clearing soon, but daytime temperatures in the coming days will struggle to top 28 celsius, so maybe pack a cardigan.

There could also be more sandstorms on Saturday, and morning temperatures hovering around the 20 degrees mark.

In fact, with winter finally here, don’t expect to see 37 degrees again until late April – that’s a good five months away.

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