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Dubai to launch heart-shaped island with floating villas



The Heart of Europe is set to launch a heart-shaped island complete with a hotel and floating villas. This follows an announcement by developers, Kleindienst, that plans for St Petersburg island have been changed.

Dubai’s World Islands are made up of 300 manmade islands near the Palm Jumeirah, and while most of the area has been left untouched, Kleindienst is keen to finish plans for a luxurious resort in October 2016 on St Petersburg island.

A spokesperson for Kleindienst told Arabian Business that they had altered the project to redesign St Petersburg island into a heart shape, which they said is “taking inspiration from the Maldives”.

But it gets better. Not only will the main island be a beautifully designed resort housing Tzar Hotel, the developers are also planning to open 40 “Floating Seahorses”. These are their signature villas, which will float on the sea, connected the island by small jetties.

The Kleindienst spokesperson said: “On the newly designed St Petersburg Island, we will still have The Tzar Hotel and an arrival marina, but due to such demand for The Floating Seahorse, St Petersburg has been adapted to incorporate The Tzar Edition of The Floating Seahorse.”

Our favourite feature of these villas is the underwater level, which will be a welcoming environment for seahorses, allowing them to live and breed in the Arabian Gulf.

If you’re flash with the cash, Kleindienst are looking to sell the floating villas to private investors. Those who are slightly more conservative will need to wait until October 1 2016, when the hotel is expected to open to guests and you can pop over to St Petersburg for a quick staycation.

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