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Dubai taxi fares have gone up



Have you noticed an increase in your taxi fare over the past few days? No official announcement has been made, but in the ShortList office, we noticed that our ride to work has been getting a little more expensive, and it turns out that our suspicions were correct.

The taxi fare has risen from AED1.71 per kilometre to 1.82 per kilometre. We called RTA’s call centre, who confirmed that the increase came into effect on November 11.

“So what does that mean for my trips to the mall?” we hear you ask. The answer is, not a lot. You probably haven’t even noticed it, as this increase only adds a couple of dirhams onto the cost of an average journey.

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Reports suggest that the fare increase is due to the changing fuel prices.

Last year we saw a larger hike in taxi fares, as rates rose from AED3 to AED5 for a flagged down taxi, and from AED6 to AED8 for a booked cab (during peak hours this went from AED10 to AED12).

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