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Don’t overshare on social media, warn Dubai Police



A traffic jam tweet on the way to work, an Instagram of your kale salad at lunch, and a Facebook post at the end of a long day, tagging yourself at #home. Many people publish live updates of their daily routine on social media. But the latest advice from Dubai Police… Don’t.

According to the head of forensics at Dubai Police, we’re leaving ourselves as sitting ducks for criminals. Colonel Ahmed Al Muhairi, head of the General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology at Dubai Police, told Emirates247 that social media is a tool often used by criminals to observe people’s daily lives, and plan the perfect crime.

Al Muhairi used an example from America, where a woman was tweeting so often that a thief identified when she was out of the house, and broke in and robbed her while he knew that there would be no one in.

“Today, most people post their daily activities on social media. They post where they have breakfast, which clubs they go to, where they live, what jewellery or other expensive things they buy,” he said.

“Not only this, the problem is that some parents post pictures of their children, and also the school they go to, their class teachers and friends, as well as all the activities which their kids do after school and on weekly basis.”

The solution? Don’t tag yourself at regular locations such as home, school and work. Keep your private life private. A Muhairi highlighted that this is especially important for parents who should should not “post their kids’ personal details or information about their schools and activities after school to avoid being targeted by suspected criminals.”

Put the smartphone away people.

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