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Hover boards being confiscated every day from UAE airports



Last week we reported that Emirates Airline sent out a warning about restricted items. Notably, hover boards, the controversial motorised toy that has been banned from many public areas, is on the list.

However, it seems that many passengers still aren’t aware that they can’t fly with the scooter boards. Emirates Airline say that they are confiscating the item regularly, and has taken away up to 18 on their busiest days. And with many of these devices costing upwards of AED2,000, it’s not a cheap mistake to make.

The motorised device contains lithium batteries, which are seen as a fire risk as they can cause sparks if in contact with metal. For this reason, it’s important to check whether your electronic device contains lithium batteries before taking it on a flight – this can often include external charging packs for mobiles and laptops.

Hover boards are also banned from Etihad and flydubai. So while it might seem like you can’t possibly go on holiday without your favourite balance wheels, you may want to think twice before packing them… Or risk losing them for good.

Earlier we wrote…

As we get into the festive season, many of the UAE’s residents are planning trips home. If you’ve got a bag full of presents, you may want to consider what you pack carefully. Emirates has issued a warning for passengers to check the list of restricted items to avoid being disappointed at the airport.

One of the most popular items on the restricted list is the smart balance wheel or ‘hover boards’, which Emirates will not accept in checked-in or carry-on luggage. The airline has also banned any items containing lithium batteries, which can include cameras, mobile phones and laptops. Many spare battery packs for these electronic items are lithium, so make sure you read the label first.

Mohammed Mattar, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President – Airport Services, said: “With the upcoming holiday season, we expect many passengers to be carrying gifts for their loved ones including the popular smart balance wheels. We prioritise the safety of our passengers and crew, and regret we will not accept these as part of checked-in baggage or as hand luggage. We urge all our customers to check the full list of restricted items before travelling for safe and undisrupted travels.”

Liquids, gels, lotions and aerosols must be in containers no greater than 100ml, so while that massive bottle of perfume might be a thoughtful gift, make sure it’s not in your hand luggage.

For more information visit the Emirates website here:…

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